Try to get some sleep before arriving at the airport, and try not to get too far from the boarding gate while busy shopping.

Airports can be stressful at times for many travelers, and to overcome the difficulties that may face you and cause you more problems, here are the most important things that you should avoid doing at the airport before boarding the plane, according to the company «Sky Scanner» specialized travel.

– The airport is not the appropriate forum for humor and humor. Try to answer all questions that security personnel or passports ask about your bags and travel information, and make sure that you act in a proper manner with the security men, they follow the laws and regulations.
– Avoid sleeping at the airport, or you will miss the flight, and try to take some sleep before arriving at the airport, and try not to get away from the boarding gate a lot while busy shopping and take a rest in the private lounges scattered at the airport.

– It is wise not to drink alcohol at the airport, until you arrive at your destination, it is necessary to remain vigilant at the airport to deal with emergency changes, such as changing the boarding gate at the last minute, and remember that you are not allowed to use the bathrooms on the plane until you reach the permitted height In the event of drinking more.

– Various experiences at the airport, you may lose your temper, so keep your nerves and avoid tension and behave nervously with the staff because of your flight delay or any other situations, it is outside their will, and remember that their first task is to serve you and other other travelers.

Remember to be tactful at the airport while completing the procedures for registering your travel, the smile on the faces of the employees does not necessarily mean that you are in a position to joke with them and make jokes, although the trip to the airport may be fraught with stress, especially if you did not give yourself enough Take time for unexpected things, remember to be polite and do not exceed queues, and also avoid pushing travelers in front of you.

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