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Featured restaurants in Croatia

If you want to spend an evening with your family and friends, the best places to stay in Croatia are Gostionikas and Konobas, local restaurants run by a family that has inherited the restaurant. Fresh cooked fish and hand-smoked meats offer the best local chefs, vegetables and homemade drinks.

You can find international foods such as italyn, Greek, French and Asian cuisine and serve dishes in a classy way, as the most expensive hotels offer. The best restaurant in which you find international foods is the Zagreb italyn restaurant called Gallo, an elegant place that offers delicious dishes of high value.
Among the modern restaurants in Zagreb is Dubraven Pot, known for its seafood and a wide range of cocktails and drinks. You will find traditional high-quality, Croatian and Central Istrian cuisine at Tac Restaurant, known for its seasonal dishes.
If you are in Dubrovnik do not miss to visit the Sesame Restaurant, located in a 200-year-old historic house that offers innovative Mediterranean dishes.
As for meat lovers, you can have a fine dinner at Konabo Mediterano Restaurant. The restaurant offers outdoor food and beautiful views.

Split is the heart of traditional Croatian cuisine and has many restaurants that offer international food and are difficult to obtain and with high quality, eating in places where the locals go, where cooked meat and fresh grilled seafood in restaurants directly overlooking the port, and homemade pasta.
The most famous restaurants in Split Nostromo Restaurant you will find the restaurant in a regular building from the outside, but there is a wave of activity inside with the presentation of distinctive dishes and excellent service, there is also a traditional buffet restaurant Fife another simple restaurant but highlights the delicious soup, meat and Pasticada.

Croatian National Theater in Zagreb

The National Theater is one of the most famous places where you can spend your evening. The theater has evolved to become the first city theater. It was built in 1836 in the current Old City Hall, and it was created for the first time in the name of the Croatian National Theater in 1860, and in 1861 he received government support that made his value and fame Equal to many other European national theaters.
In 1870 an opera company was added to the theater, and in 1895 it moved to the new purpose-built building in the Republic of Croatia Square in the southern city of Zagreb, which is its current location.
The Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I unveiled this new building during his visit to the city in 1895, built by renowned architects from Vienna Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer and their company built many theaters in Vienna.
What made the place the finest vigil in Croatia is that at the entrance to the theater lies the Wall Fountain (Zdenac života) designed by Croatian artist and sculptor Ivan Mestorovi مير in 1905, many of the leading Croatian artists worked in the theater, the first director and theater was the poet Greek-Greek Demetria Demeter is a prominent activist of the Croatian National Renaissance Movement with Ivan Zajic as the first leader.
Countless internationally renowned artists from ballet dancers to opera singers have performed on this stage, the opera has new shows every season and continues to present their best work in local opera production, and there showcases classic and contemporary works.

Tkalciceva Street

A vibrant, distinctive street that many locals and tourists come to every day there. You will find in this street a group of distinctive and elegant cafes. You can choose one every day to spend your evening in it and enjoy the taste of classic European coffee, which smells smell everywhere from the street, and also enjoy eating The espresso is where they stand out.
Besides coffee, there is a great variety of varied and delicious drinks. On the street there is also a variety of shops. You can shop and then sit in one of the cafes for comfort and distinctive restaurants. So the place is ideal for relaxing and enjoying a delicious dinner and a special drink.

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