1- Experience diving and snorkeling

Inside the islands there are the best divers around the world, where coral reefs are diverse, and the marine world is a unique diversity that attracts the most skilled divers and diving enthusiasts. Not only this is the place for diving training, there are courses for beginners, there are about 750 types of coral reefs and 945 kinds of amazing fish in the island The second largest coral barrier in the world covering 1.4 million hectares, some of which are diversified in the tropical environment. Besides the colorful marine nature, we find green nature on hilltops and stunning water slopes that made them unique islands.

2- Learn about the Bago tribes

They are a unique community of people with their own life and history in the village of Mola located on the island of Angie Angi, known as sea gypsies engaged in hunting since childhood have the skills to walk on the ocean floor and dive to a depth of 40-50 meters, without diving devices they think they can stay In the sea for several months without food those inhabitants lived in wooden boats are traditional floating houses, you can look at them and enjoy direct conversation with them from the distinctive experiences of the islands.

3- Watch Larry Angie’s dance
One of the national dances in Wakatobe, characterized by traditional colorful costumes, takes place at the Republican Palace to welcome guests.
4- Ascending to the Kahegangan Summit

Also known as Puncak Kahyangan or Puncak Tumiya, you can ascend to this summit to enjoy a look at the fictional landscapes that offer you a breathtaking view of the place, you can reach it via public transportation as it is only half an hour away from Yusco Island, the most beautiful sight is the sunset scene The summit also provides you with a unique view on the neighboring islands. You can enjoy a camping experience on top to experience the stars nights at most for photography lovers.

5- Visiting Hoga Island

The island is characterized by clean white sand and clean blue water. The most important characteristic of the island is that it is free of technology and means of communication in order to enjoy an atmosphere free of all pollutants. There are about 12 diving sites and a huge number of coral reefs. This island can be reached through private trips. Not only that there are forests. The green and oak trees offer a very special view of the place, especially at noon.

6- Visit to the Lakasa Cave

The historic cave is located in the village of Sula, within the city of Baobao, is one of the natural wonders in Indonesia surrounded by arid lands and rocky lands, there is cold water, melting limestone throughout the ages formed from it a masterpiece also the cave is lit dimly at a depth of 120 meters, you can walk 15 minutes On foot until you reach the cold lake there is a place to shower.

7- Go to Anano Beach

Turtle Beach where there is a huge number of sea turtles is a sandy beach the most important characteristic of the presence of turtles: Hono (green turtles) and colia (hawksbill turtle or hawk beak turtle), is one of the popular spots for divers.

8- Visiting Sompano Lake

The lake is located inside the village of Sompano on the island of Kali Doba, where the mangrove forests are broad and dense and green, the lake is characterized by being salty and calm filled with colorful crustaceans next to the charming mangroves, the lake is one of the sacred lakes of the locals where a black crocodile resides inside.

9- Eat traditional dishes

The most famous local dish is a kusame dish consisting of grated cassava pulp with rice, fried onion, grilled fish, colo colo pepper and parinade soup, and occasional parinade soup consisting of fresh seafood with fried onions, turmeric and pepper.

10- See places of handicrafts:
Beautiful fabric made with precision on traditional wooden tools, coconut shell jewelry, handcraft kitchenware, cooking utensils and home decor from coconut, all you can find on the islands. In the village of Sambilla, jewelery made from turtle leather is a popular handicraft.

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