The village of Gumusluk was founded on the remains of an ancient city called “Mendos” meaning Mendos in the Turkish language “silver” so it has a beautiful archaeological character and despite the modern buildings that were established in the village but still preserving its ancient monuments, you should also explore the ancient city Which is called the “old carriage”, it had been around for a long time and ended because of a large earthquake to disappear in the sea, so this area attracts divers from everywhere.

The village is distinguished by its charming natural beauty, where you can relax and avoid stressors, as well as its distinctive historical background, so it is a popular tourist destination for many tourists, to visit you by taking a bus from Bodrum and the journey takes 20-25 minutes only, the distance is about 24 kilometers and the cost is simple .

Gumusluk Beach

Dear tourist, the best tourist activities that you can do when visiting the village is to go for a walk to the beach to spend fun times on the sand, play with them, build sand houses with your children, play soccer on the beach, and you can swim in the clear waters or dive to see the various marine creatures. .

Of course, go on a cruise with one of the boats that launch from the beach every day at eleven in the morning to take you on a trip to visit the small islands that surround the village and the most beautiful of these islands Rabbit Island, when you feel hungry you can buy a snack and a drink from the cafeterias in the beach and certainly Take commemorative photos of these beautiful moments as they are one of the best tourist attractions in Gumusluk in Turkey.

A tour of the gomoslock streets

You have to wander through the city streets to learn about its history, buy souvenirs and deal with the local people to hear stories from them and know their customs and traditions and of course have a meal in one of the local restaurants to try a delicious traditional dish along with a cup of delicious Turkish coffee and the village is characterized by its view of a river Aegean
You should eat your meal in one of the restaurants overlooking it, and you should visit its mosques, as the village offers three mosques.

Gumusluk Markets

Dear tourist, Gumusluk is considered a distinctive shopping destination due to the availability of many handmade products of a Turkish nature. You can buy accessories, lanterns and local clothes, so you should visit the weekly market.
It takes place on Wednesday and the market also provides all products. You can buy food of all kinds and the market is held next to the “Kadri Özsarı Park”.

Island of rabbits

Dear tourist, when you visit the village of Gumusluk, surely go to Rabbit Island, as it is one of the best tourist destinations in the village. When you visit it, you will enjoy the calm natural atmosphere, especially at sunset in front of the Aegean Sea.

Celebrations at Gumusluk

Various festivals are held in the village, such as the “International Classical Music” festival, which takes place from July to September, organized by the “Bodrum Classical Music” association, since 2004 and until now, as well as concerts by the most famous local and international singers.

Stay in Gumusluk

The village provides a set of housing options that suit different budgets. The accommodations combine simplicity and sophistication. You can stay in “Lehmann” hotel, as it is one of the best hotels in it and provides good services. It also provides a direct view of the beach and its restaurant offers delicious cuisine.
You can also stay in one of the small houses or cottages that local residents rent.

Learn about the best cuisine and the best restaurants

Dear tourist, Lehman Café and Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in the village. To serve a distinctive menu, you should try the chicken on the Turkish way. You can also try Turkish dining in the “Mimosa” restaurant, but be aware that its prices are high, but it provides services that appeal to everyone where the lanterns Beautiful and flowers everywhere, and of course delicious dishes, especially seafood dishes and local dishes.

We also advise you to visit “Sujan Sarmsak” restaurant, as this restaurant is characterized by its moderate prices and serving delicious dishes, and it offers a view of the beach, so eat it especially at sunset.

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