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Here is a list of the best cheap gifts from Dubai

المسافرون العرب

Milk chocolate. CAMEL MILK CHOCOLATEHere is a list of the best cheap gifts from - Here is a list of the best cheap gifts from Dubai

Camel milk chocolate is a real delicacy in Dubai, it is manufactured by only one company, Al Nassma.
These products were available exclusively in Dubai but were exported to Europe and other Asian countries.

DUBAI DATES, Dried Fruits1581416829 74 Here is a list of the best cheap gifts from - Here is a list of the best cheap gifts from Dubai

It is a source of fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and others.
Dates are believed to have many health benefits, such as increased energy.
To buy fresh and gourmet dates, head to Bateel stores. They have more than 20 types of dates, numb and dates are just a few of our favorites.

Persian rug and carpets

Oud and incense

Oud is an expensive fragrance oil derived from Oud resin.
This luscious scent is available in shades of pure oils, mixed oil of oud, and other vegetable oils such as rose and jasmine, and the perfume of oud (the most beautiful and grace)
Incense, on the other hand, is a term for oud flakes that are burned to produce a scent that permeates the entire room.
It is a good alternative to candles and incense.

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Spices1581416829 321 Here is a list of the best cheap gifts from - Here is a list of the best cheap gifts from Dubai

Walk around the historic alleys of the spice market in Dubai, located near the waterways in the Creek area, and let the smell of incense, lemon and roses guide you to this wonderful market.
Each store here stores a hand-picked selection of the best spices in the world, with great deals what you should be if you take part in a friendly barter.
Add local spices to your menu.
You can find high-quality saffron on the market, and a higher layer to remember that real saffron should have a sweet aroma, but it should not taste its sweet taste.
Other common spices in Arabic cuisine include sumac, dahka, thyme and pizza.


Real pashmina shawls can be very expensive, and they are made of cashmere which is produced from goat hair in South Asia.
Cashmere is often mixed with 30% silk to produce a soft and smooth texture.
This makes pashmina shawls a special gift for women.

Gold jewelry

Gold can be the best souvenir from Dubai, this permanent gift is widely available in Dubai, and costs are much lower than most major cities.
These treasures are perfect gifts for the special people in your life like your husband or parent.

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Coffee and Arabic coffee POT

The term Arabica coffee is a testament to the long tradition of coffee growing in the Middle East.
Arabic coffee may not suit the taste of some coffee drinkers, but it is highly regarded by those who have come to love.

Clothes of all brands at reasonable prices

In Dubai, you will find all clothing brands, and all shapes that you love to wear and at affordable prices, so buy what you want for you and your family.

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