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The central part of Madrid

If you want to spend a great night out and if you are a fan of hiking, we advise you to take a special night tour in the central part of Madrid.

Where you will get acquainted with the cultural and historical neighborhoods with their different types and distinctive views.
And you get many interesting and exciting information about places to stay in Madrid.
It is filled with tourists and locals who like to stay up late with friends and family.

Theater de la Zarzuela

This theater is suitable for all fans of the performing arts, and it is one of the main theaters in Madrid, Spain.
The performances presented in the theater are characterized by being frank and cheerful, as they spread happiness and joy in the place and positively affect the audience.
Some interesting shows begin in the evening and include many emotional stories and emotional stories.
You will definitely want to visit him with your family, especially if you like entertainment and exciting stories.

Thyssen Promenaiza Museum

Tourists gather from everywhere in this museum, especially in the evening, in order to learn about the various arts, attractive artifacts of all kinds and paintings decorated with the most beautiful shapes and colors.
You can also have a delicious dinner near the iconic museum, combining the beauty of art with the quality of food with its great flavors.
So we find many tourists and locals love to visit this museum all the time and come back to it again from time to time.

St. Gunnis Restaurant

Reasons to like to spend a special evening in this restaurant because it is characterized by calm and beauty.
We also advise you to do so if you want to spend a quiet and enjoyable evening at the same time.
You can eat hot chocolate, cherries and the famous Churro, which is one of the delicious cakes that Madrid is famous for.

Flamenco Theater

This theater is open from nine in the morning until eleven in the evening, and is one of the excellent theaters that strive to provide high-quality services to the public.
It displays a wide range of famous flamenco shows presented by professional artists, with a wonderful and distinctive performance.
The stage lighting is characterized by being bright and attractive and the music is spread everywhere to take viewers to another world, it is an amazing experience that can not be missed at all.

Populart Café

Populart Cafe is a special café for jazz fans that spreads all over. You can spend your evening there and order drinks and favorite dishes.
The cafe consists of a wonderful staff that seeks to satisfy customers and provide a distinguished service, and the cafe contains a more than wonderful menu that is prepared by professional cooking experts.

DCorazon Restaurant

This restaurant serves European, Spanish and international cuisine and is characterized by the beauty of its flavors and the unique taste of its foods.
The DCorazon restaurant is open to the public from nine in the morning until twelve at night, so tourists can enjoy spending their nightlife there.
The restaurant also offers its visitors a wide range of special meals to suit all tastes, especially vegetarians who prefer foods that contain fresh vegetables.
Desserts are characterized by being very delicious and preferably eaten by many people and locals from everywhere, all at very special prices and by skilled professionals in preparing meals from all over the world.

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