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The concept of heritage tourism

The concept of heritage tourism indicates, according to the National Fund for the Preservation of Historical Heritage, that it is travel in order to experience activities and places and see artifacts, historical stories of people, their cultures, natural resources and other things, and in another definition of heritage tourism as a type of tourism directed towards culture and history in order to see the monuments and civilizations People past and present.

How to develop heritage tourism

The following are several factors that strengthen and develop the heritage tourism sector:

  • Restructuring and restoration of archaeological sites, which attracts tourists from both outside and inside.
  • Attention to festivals and activities that take place inside the archaeological sites, which stimulates the tourism process.
  • Amending the laws and legislations related to tourism to suit the tourism and what the tourist wants, in order to stimulate heritage tourism.
  • Work to attract tourists from different countries by facilitating legal procedures for heritage tourism.
  • Interest in advertising and advertising archaeological sites at the local and international levels, which stimulates the tourism sector and attracts various types of tourists.

Heritage sites in Jordan

The following are some of the heritage sites in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List:

  • Petra city: It is considered one of the seven wonders of the world and it is a relic of the Nabataean civilization, which is the place where ancient eastern traditions meet Hellenistic architecture, and it was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985 AD.
  • Umrah Palace: This palace is a relic of the Umayyad civilization, and it was registered in the list in 1985 AD.
  • Umm Al-Rasas: It is a Jordanian village containing mosaic floors and ancient Byzantine churches, and is considered one of the creations and innovations throughout the ages, and it was registered in the list in the year 2004 AD.
  • Wadi Rum: It represents the ideal and wonderful desert scene, and contains some old inscriptions.

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