Historic monument in the city of Athens

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Parthenon Temple

Parthenon Temple is one of the most prominent historical monuments in the Greek city of Athens, where it was built by the sculptors Phidias by order of the Greek politician Pericles in 447 BC, and was initially used as a temple of the gods Athena Polius, and Athena Parthenos, then turned to A church, and from there to a mosque, then it was used since 1453 AD as a depot for the weapons of the Turkish forces in Greece, and it remained on that until the end of the Turkish rule in 1821 AD, to be opened after that in front of visitors, and tourists.
The Parthenon Temple is also distinguished by its stunning architectural design. It took about nine years to build, and it was supervised by the most famous Greek architects, knowing that the dimensions of its base are (30.9 meters x 69.5 meters), surrounded by huge, simple stone pillars in every direction , And it is decorated with reliefs and ornaments.

Athena Nike Temple

The Temple of Athena Nike is located within the archaeological site of the Acropolis, and its construction dates back to 420 B.C. and is distinguished by its magnificent architectural design.

Herodos Atticus Theater

The Herodes Atticus Theater represents one of the important historical monuments in the city of Athens, where its history dates back to the year 161 AD, and was used at that time to present shows to the masses and spectators, and is distinguished by its traditional architectural design, although it underwent a year 1950 AD for many restorations and repairs.

Ancient Agora

Ancient Agora represents one of the most important archaeological sites in the city of Athens, where the site was previously a center for cultural, economic, civil and political grouping, and it is mentioned that the famous philosopher Socrates was resorting to this site to explain his philosophy, codify his ideas, and he This site has been subjected to many acts of destruction, and demolition by the invading kingdoms, but in return some of the landmarks were built in the same site.


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