Historical tourism

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Historical tourism

Historical tourism is related to peoples’ cultures and experiences, festivals, and traditions, as well as sites and mosaics, and the types of arts in them, and within the concept of historical tourism, one of the best things that remains in the mind of the historical and cultural tourist is his participation in the tourist experiences firmly in mind, which are often related to visiting places that are compatible with The visitor’s hobbies and interests, and travel to see historical monuments and visiting museums are among the favorite activities of a visitor interested in historical tourism.

Tourism in the historical city of Petra

Petra is considered one of the ancient archeological cities in the world, as it was carved in mountain limestone rocks, which have a pinkish red color. Where the archaeological sites of more than 800 sites include tombs of more than 500 cemeteries, and the treasury is one of the important landmarks in the city, so that tourists arrive as passengers, or passengers, through the Al-Siq Pass, which is 1.2 km long.

Tourism in the historical city of Thebes

The city of Thebes is located on both sides of the Nile River, and it belongs to the eleventh family that ruled Egypt during (2081-1939) BC. This city is considered one of the ancient archeological cities that contain many temples, royal tombs, and palaces. The area includes all antiquities. It is located in the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, in addition to Luxor and Karnak.

Tourism in the historic city of Diriyah

Al-Dir’iyyah is considered one of the historical archaeological areas located to the west of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. It was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage List, and Dir’iyyah includes the Salwa Palace that tourists come to. It is located in Al-Turaif, one of the most famous neighborhoods in the region. Also, the new area includes many museums, cafes and restaurants.


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