History of the Acropolis of Athens

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Information on the acropolis, Athens is one of the most important monuments left by Greece, and it combines the greatness of civilization with luxury and classicism at the same time, and one of the largest historical monuments left by Greece, Acropolis, this museum indicates the greatness of the victories achieved in the country, and Athens has taken a high position Among the nations over the ages to denote the greatness of this civilization and left many antiquities that modify the ingenuity of the Greek artists in design, led by Pericles.

History of the Acropolis of Athens Acropolis Museum:

  • Among the most famous ancient Greek museums that are located on top of a rock with a high level of water surfaces by about 140 meters, and the area of ​​the museum reaches about 30 thousand square meters, making it one of the largest museums in Athens.
  • As for the meaning of the Acropolis, it is a term that consists of two parts and its meaning in the ancient Greek language, “the high city.” Greece used to create Acropolis in every important city for them, and for Acropolis Athens it was only the most important of them. In case of any problems in the city or an invasion of enemies The Greeks used to gather in the Acropolis of Athens, where they were considered a fortress for them, to set up enemies and launch attacks through it.
  • The Acropolis of Athens and many ancient monuments were discovered in this city, which dates back more than three thousand years before the Gregorian date, and these monuments are among the public houses and the palace of the administration of the country.
  • The birthplace of the Acropolis of Athens is the architect Pericles, most famous for his mastery of architecture, engineering and construction.

How to get to the Acropolis of Athens:

With regard to access to the trail from the airport, you can take the bus at exit 4 or exit 5, which will take you to the middle of the city, and then take bus No. 94, which will take you to Athens in less than an hour or bus number 96 that will take you to Athens also and you can walk to Acropolis of Athens and hill climb. The second option is taxi rides.

When can you visit Acropolis of Athens?

As for visiting the temple, it starts from eight in the morning until 7 and a half in the evening, and the dates may vary somewhat from season to season. In the summer months, the visit to the temple begins from 8 in the morning and continues until 8 in the evening. Acropolis entrance fee is approximately 12 €.

  • As for the formation of the Acropolis of Athens, it consists of 4 monumental buildings, which are the Parthenon and Athena temples, in addition to the famous temple of Arecathion and the gate.

Archthion Temple:

Archion is one of the most important temples left by the ancient Greeks, the largest and the most beautiful at the same time as you will be amazed at the size of the temple. It is located on the northern side of the Acropolis hill in Athens and faces the famous Parthenon directly. It was recently announced that the Acropolis Hill belongs to the list of antiquities in Europe, on the 26th of March 2007 AD.
Archhion temple was often built between 421 to 404 BC and many damages occurred during the times as it was destroyed several times and each time it is built again with great skill and skill by the best engineers in ancient times.
The temple is considered one of the most important factors of tourist attraction in the Acropolis, as it consists of stones carefully selected to suit the sculptures found in it from the eaves, and is among the temples that have a complex layout as it contains many sacred shrines of many ancient Greek gods, and has been modified several times through history.
Although the identity of the engineer who created the temple the last time is unknown, most historical evidence indicates that it is likely that the engineer Callimachus who also built girls’ halls in the south.

The Acropolis Museum:

The Acropolis Museum was established in 2003 AD, and then it was formally opened in 2009 AD so that tourists and the local population can see the great monuments that it carries among its folds. On a street called Dionysus.
Created by Bernard Chome, one of the most famous engineers in France, the museum has made numerous glass panels to preserve the monuments found in the museum and contains many antique Greek artifacts of immeasurable value that attest to the splendor of ancient Greek times.
The museum is one of the most important archaeological sites in the state of Greece today as it attracts more than a million visitors every day, and it is equipped with more than 340 antique sculptures from ancient Greek artifacts and as for its composition it includes 3 floors and you will need a lot of time in order to see all the monuments in Museum and saturation of this unique experience and to be sufficiently aware of the importance of each historical monument and its information, and it is preferable to visit the museum with a tour guide in order to take full advantage of your tour.




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