Huqqa Restaurant Istanbul is one of the distinctive Istanbul restaurants, and one of the best Istanbul restaurants on the sea that serves Turkish and international meals, especially the italyn, in a pleasant atmosphere, with its warm internal, and external sessions that enjoy attractive views of the charming Bosphorus Strait, located near the area Besiktas Istanbul is one of the most important places of tourism in Turkey in the ancient city of Istanbul.
Hoka is considered a restaurant and cafe, and is famous for its halal dishes, and it is suitable for people who prefer vegetarian options, as it specializes in providing all kinds of shisha in its external halls, and is characterized by providing the most delicious desserts, especially italyn, and he received a certificate of excellence during his career.

Hoca restaurant in Istanbul

Food famous for serving Hoka Istanbul

Hokka Restaurant is famous for being one of the most prestigious Istanbul restaurants, as it provides all kinds of traditional Turkish and European dishes, especially italyn, but what attracts customers to it in general is the distinctive breakfasts and sweets that are creative in the ways of serving and decorating them, as it is characterized by providing delicious pastries, pasta dishes, and sushi Turkish, along with vegetarian dishes.

Hoka Istanbul prices

The Hokka restaurant menu consists of a section for breakfast dishes that comes in three types, group breakfast, supreme breakfast, and egg breakfast with sausage.
The breakfast section is followed by salads and appetizers, followed by hamburgers and sandwiches, and then gluten-free foods for dieters.
Then start the dishes of chicken, meat and fish, then pizza and pastries of all kinds, then divide the Anatolian dishes, followed by sweets and cold and hot drinks.
The Hokka restaurant menu also includes a special section that contains many types of shisha or hookah, of different shapes and flavors.

Hoka Istanbul prices

Hokka Restaurant prices vary according to the quality of the meal, where the average price for a single breakfast is 35 Turkish Liras, which is equivalent to $ 6, and lunch and dinner are 150 Turkish Liras, equivalent to $ 26, and the restaurant bill may reach 250 Turkish Liras, equivalent to $ 45, With a request for subsequent drinks and shisha.
A single meal, regardless of type, includes all kinds of dishes, from appetizers and main course, with desserts and a cold or hot drink.

Hoka Istanbul menu and dishes menu

Hokka Restaurant menu includes the most famous Istanbul restaurants, many food items, sweets, drinks, and shisha types. Below are extracts from Hokka Istanbul restaurant prices:

Hokka Istanbul restaurant menu

Hoca restaurant in Istanbul

Hoca Istanbul

Hoca restaurant in Istanbul

For inquiries and more complete information about the restaurant, its dishes and meals, and reservations, please visit its official website. from here

Opening hours at Hoka Restaurant

Daily from 10 am to 5 am, except for Saturdays and Sundays, where it starts receiving customers at 9 am, until 3:30 am.

Hoka Istanbul Reviews

Most comments were positive regarding Hokka Restaurant, as it received a 90% rating in terms of atmosphere and ways of serving dishes, and the financial value won the approval of almost all customers, but the crowding, which some find a good thing, and the methods of organizing customer sessions were substandard Required, according to the opinions of Arab visitors.
In total, the restaurant’s rating was between 70 to 90%, and most customers liked its desserts, hookah, and its outdoor sessions.

Attractions near Istanbul Hokka Restaurant

The restaurant is 1.3 km from Ortakoy Coast and Ortakoy Mosque, 1.8 km from Ortakoy Istanbul, Yildiz Park Istanbul 3.6 km, Zorlu Mall Istanbul 4 km, and Ortakoy Bazaar 4,5 km.

Ortakoy Bazaar near HOCA Restaurant in Istanbul

Hotels near Hokka Restaurant

Princess Istanbul Hotel is a 5-star Ortakoy hotel, 1 km from Hokka Restaurant in Istanbul

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received satisfactory reviews of the location, its proximity to the markets, the level of hygiene, and some visitors complained about the abuse of staff, poor services, and old furniture.
Hotel reservation
Radisson Blu Bosphorus is a luxury 5-star hotel in Istanbul, 1.3 km from Hoka Istanbul

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got good reviews about the location, hygiene, comfort and staff, with complaints about traffic congestion around the hotel, and other comments on the bathroom design.
Hotel reservation

Hokka Istanbul restaurant website

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