Honeymoon in Bali

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Bali is one of the most important Indonesian provinces that are characterized by its beautiful nature and the beauty of its natural scenery, as it has made it a global tourist destination; so a large number of tourists go to it annually to spend their holidays and enjoy them, as it is a basic destination for a large number of couples who wish to establish a honeymoon For the first time, so we will address here the most important tourist places that new couples are advised to go to spend the best times and activities that can be practiced.

Tourist places in Bali

Among the tourist places in Bali:

  • Lake Prattan: And going to it by renting a taxi is cheap, as he makes a varied tour starting from the south of the island until he reaches the lake, and the waters of this lake are pure, and the atmosphere is cold and thick with fog.
  • Discovery Mall: The largest mall in the island, it contains a large group of stores, which sell different and diverse goods, as it includes a group of cafes and restaurants, as it overlooks the beach.
  • Climbing Mount Batur: It is a volcanic mountain surrounded by a lake that allows a person to climb and reach its summit, and it is advised that this be in the morning, knowing that most of the climb starts from four in the morning, and takes two hours to reach the summit, and all this in order to enjoy the sunrise on the strait of Lombok specifically, which is By linking the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea.
  • Riding a bike around Ubud: It is the ideal way to see the fields, forests and animals that this island contains, as it contains a group of villages that are characterized by the picturesque nature of the presence of birds in them, and include the best guest houses in Jalan Raya, Tepi Sawah and Greenfields.

Beaches in Bali

The beaches in Bali are:

  • Kuta Beach: The most prominent and most visited beaches, because it enjoys the presence of fine sand and high-rise waves that attract everyone to view and photograph, specifically if the couple is passionate about surfing, and it contains a series of various restaurants, which are recommended to visit at night; so that lights are available alongside the waves so they are given A beautiful sight.
  • Nusa Dua Beach: In the event that the couple is passionate about events, competitions, especially sports and related to the sea, the first place that is recommended is this beach, you can ride a parasol and huge ships, in addition to the presence of restaurants that offer delicious food and drinks.
  • Jimbaran Beach: It includes a large group of restaurants spread over it, which offer delicious food, especially marine and fresh, and is characterized by its soft and white sand in it, in addition to the breathtaking view seen by the viewer, as it overlooks the Bali Sea and the Indian Ocean, especially if it is addressed during sunset hours.


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