Honeymoon program in Portugal

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The most beautiful places of a honeymoon in Portugal with a wonderful and proven program, Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries around the world, and the most romantic and poetic, which makes newlyweds think about spending their honeymoon in them because they combine the beauty of nature and the splendor of beaches, which will make you spend the most beautiful memories in your life , And you enjoy the sweetest months ever.

Honeymoon program in Portugal:

A honeymoon in Portugal, we show you the most important poetic places that you should visit on the honeymoon:

Punta Dabiidad:

Punta Dabiidad is located in the middle of Lagos Lakes, which provides you with a unique experience thanks to the beauty of the place and the magnificence of navigation through boats that allow you to enjoy the beauty and splendor of the water view. The city is wonderful, and it has a long tradition, and it is one of the vital tourist cities, day and night, which makes it suitable for young grooms, as some people visit it to visit the Al-Garvey stadium.


It is one of the most important areas in the capital, Lisbon, and the most visited by the residents of the city thanks to the heritage of its heritage, it allows you to see the beautiful water landscape in addition to the many tourist attractions in it, which comes on top of the marine museum, and other interesting historical monuments.

Costa Vincentina National Park:

One of the destinations that you must visit on the honeymoon because of its motto and beauty, as it enables you to enjoy the view of the sunset in a way that kidnaps hearts in addition to the large number of birds, the diversity of their types, and the large number of marine natural places.

Suites Alba Resort & Spa:

It is one of the most famous places in Portugal for honeymooning, and it is considered one of the quiet resorts that introduces psychological comfort to the soul. It also provides you with a private beach, swimming pools, many restaurants, high-end cafes, beds over warm water in addition to the splendor of the streets in the place. The resort provides many different services including leisure activities, horse riding, and water skiing.

Val d’Elivera Quinta Resort and Spa:

This resort represents an unparalleled paradise, which is very close to the most beautiful beaches of Portugal in addition to golf courses, and it allows you and your partner to enjoy a wonderful trip, amid a lot of luxury, elegance, and various entertainment

Villa Vita Park:

  • Found in Algarve, Portugal, it is a huge resort facing the Atlantic Ocean, and filled with many wonderful parks located close to Praia dos Tremosos Beach.
  • The resort has a huge hotel if you want to reserve your suite or villas with windows directly overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. You will feel a lot of comfort in the arms of your partner in this quiet place, which provides you with a very luxurious, and very sophisticated atmosphere.

The city of Porto:

The city of Porto is one of the largest cities in Portugal, which is intended by many people who want to marry on their honeymoon, as it will give you the opportunity to walk in the shops, visit the antique book stores, and get unforgettable memories, whether enjoying the sunset on the bridges or the daily trips that are Hold it for the Ribera area, which is a UNESCO tourist attraction if you love antiquities, antiques, winding antique streets and the opportunity to have a poetic dinner in many scenic restaurants.


If you like sandy beaches, clear beaches, and marine sports enthusiasts, fishing is the ideal destination for you. You can visit the Sintra Castle, which is famous for its beauty, and which belongs to UNESCO, among the seven wonders of the Portuguese state.
The design of the palaces in the city is really creative. Either from the outside or the inside, it also contains a lot of palaces, cafes, and shops along the small streets that have been paved in a very impressive way.


It is one of the most beautiful places in the town, and it is characterized by the beauty of the streets, its elegance and its emancipation at the same time. You will feel like you are walking in an open street museum. In the city you will find a quiet central park, a botanical garden, and a beautiful atmosphere, and you will love to walk every day on the town streets, discovering its charm and romance every day.


  • Cascais is located close to Lisbon, and it is characterized by the vitality of life, the abundance of landscapes, the splendor of the beach, and the ancient monuments in the city such as the palace of the noble Castrogymares, which was once the seat of the ruling family, and which is characterized by the magnificence of engineering design, which is related to the history of fishing the city over The ages.
  • The city gives you the opportunity to walk in the beautiful green gardens if you are a nature enthusiast like Palmilla Park, which is an excellent leisure destination to spend the summer in the city’s dazzling atmosphere, which attracts tourists throughout the year. You will feel a lot of familiarity with its dazzling beaches and romantic restaurants in the center of Cascais as Casa Velha, which is the best seafood in the world, with the unique nature of the city.


  • One of the most visited areas for tourists throughout the world, especially honeymoon, due to the large number of recreational places, the mild climate throughout the year, and the presence of many luxurious hotels that have a truly distinctive service, and the romance of the city’s streets, and its emancipation, in addition to the ingenuity of restaurants in providing distinctive, different food .
  • You can visit the Maritime Museum, which is very popular with visitors of the city, especially sea lovers, and mystery. You can also visit museums suitable for everyone, wander through the city’s interwoven streets, alleys, and drink the traditional city coffee in these antique streets that smell fragrant from the past.
  • You can also buy widgets in Lisbon if you are a fan of international brands, unique clothes where there are many shops, and malls that offer the best clothes at affordable prices in addition to souvenirs.

Travel costs to Portugal:

There is no doubt that you both want to travel to Portugal to spend a honeymoon that will set your marriage life forever. It is the shortest time to stay in Portugal to drink this unique experience at least two weeks. As for the cheapest airline tickets from Cairo to Portugal, the price is $ 600.

The costs of entry visa to Portugal:

  • Portugal belongs to the Schengen Agreement, which is one of twenty seven countries that facilitated the transfer between its citizens.
  • There are many conditions that you will know at the Portuguese embassy.
  • Portugal visa fee is sixty euros for adults, and five and thirty euros for children between six and 12 years.
  • Children younger than six years are free of charge. As for the duration of the visa, it is 15 days. The travel visa allows you to stay in Portugal for a period not exceeding three months.

Cost of a honeymoon in Portugal:

  • If you want to spend a honeymoon at the lowest costs, you should try not to spend more than 20 euros per day, by calculating everything from drinks, food, to gifts, and often within two weeks you will need approximately 300 euros for different transportation from the bus, and trains In addition to drinks and daily foods.
  • If you prefer the luxury life, and you want to spend an unforgettable honeymoon, you must at least take 300 or 400 euros per week so that you can visit and try all the things unique to you.
  • One of the best things about saving money is not taking large amounts of cash with you. For example, take 200 € cash, put the rest of the money in a visa or prepayd to withdraw from it when needed, which makes this method safer and saves money from theft.

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