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Hong Kong tour - Hong Kong tour

The most important tourist areas in Hong Kong

1- Victoria Peak

It is a mountain located in the west of Hong Kong next to the Central Metro Station, and one of the towers has been designed on top of this mountain and it has a design that is very beautiful and magnificent and it is called Victoria Tower, as this tower includes many restaurants and many shops and there is also A wax museum that contains many wax copies of a number of celebrities, and this tower also includes a observation platform for you to see the skyscrapers and the ocean.

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2- Disneyland Hong Kong

This amusement park is located near the Disneyland Resort metro station, and it is the smallest branch of Disney city. This city is divided into seven places and these places will be recognized when you receive a map upon entry. This city includes a lot of wonderful and fun games.
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3- Lantau Island

This island is one of the largest Algeria that is located in Hong Kong, it is located at the Pearl River and specifically at the post, and this island is one of the most beautiful and most wonderful tourist areas in the city of Hong Kong, it is surrounded by clear blue waters in all its aspects and also has a number of beautiful golden beaches, and there are Many activities you can do on this island.
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4- Ocean Park

It is a group of parks (marine mammals park, zoo and park), and this park is located in the south of Hong Kong, and this park is considered one of the most important tourist places in the city as it is one of the 13 most visited parks around the world, about 7.6 million tourists visit the park every year.
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5- Big Buddha statue

This statue is the largest bronze statue in Hong Kong and its construction was completed in 1993. It is located on Lantau Island, and on the side of this statue there are many attractions such as: Pauline Monastery, a Buddhist center in Hong Kong.
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Things to do in Hong Kong

You can ride a cable car on Lantau Island, where you can see the Buddha statue and museum, Pauline Monastery, Ocean Park, which makes your cable car trip very interesting. You can also hunt all kinds of fish on Lantau Island. You can also buy clothes and gifts from the many shops that exist in Lantau Island, there are many dolphins shows in the ocean park that you will enjoy a lot when watching it, and you can go to the parks in the park, it includes many of the parks that you will enjoy.

The best hotels in Hong Kong

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1- Icon Hotel

It is a five-star hotel, located in Tsim Sha Tsui and close to Hang Home Metro Station. This hotel is considered one of the best and most important hotels in the city, as it enjoys excellent service along with distinguished staff.
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2- Renaissance Hong Kong Harbor View Hotel

Located near the Wanchai waterfront, this hotel has a restaurant overlooking Victoria Harbor. It is also located next to many attractions such as: Victoria Mountain, Lao Quay Fung Square, and it is located 20 minutes from Temple Street.
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3- J Double U Marriott Hotel

This hotel is located about 1.6 km from the Hong Kong Convention Center. The hotel is also very close to many shopping places such as Pacific Place Mall. The hotel has an outdoor pool. The rooms also have a lot of amenities that the hotel offers to its visitors and these rooms have views Beautiful over Hong Kong.


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