Honolulu Island

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Honolulu Island

Honolulu is the capital of the American Hawaii, and one of its largest cities ever in terms of area and population, as it has a high population density estimated at three hundred thousand people according to a recent statistic, and its name means shelter, and its area is about one thousand square kilometers, and Honolulu Island is one of the most famous islands in The world, which has become famous for its beauty that attracts hearts, because it provides an atmosphere of isolation, relaxation and calmness for its pioneers who are away from the noise, speed, pace and rhythm of life.

A lot of people come to her, especially those who spend their honeymoon right after marriage, and in this article we will talk about some general information about Honolulu in detail.

Honolulu Nature

The island is characterized by high-rise coconut trees, in addition to the tropical trees adorned by flowers, which are distinguished by its beautiful and aromatic scents that fill the atmosphere, in which there are white, pink and coral flowers, as they have different and varied birds, and the island is distinguished by its volcanic rocks, and the island’s weather is characterized as tropical, Heavy rain accompanied by very high temperature, which is suitable for tourism, makes green and nature more magical and attractive.

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Tourism in Honolulu

The island is considered the front of tourism for the whole place, and tourists from different countries and regions of the world come to it to enjoy its atmosphere, sun, sand, and beauty, and they can also enjoy the various places that include heritage, traditions, food, and markets that sell various types of goods, in addition to the various local foods prepared by the island’s indigenous people. And it also has a clear and beautiful reflection of arts and culture.

Tourists on the island can eat in the open air, and tourists practice surfing – or surfing – and it is worth noting that the islanders receive tourists with beautiful rose flowers and a warm smile, welcoming visitors to their lands in a way that reflects the sincerity of their pleasant feelings and good hospitality, and they are known for the word “Aloha” Which means hello in their own language.

Honolulu attractions

Tourists and the people of the island itself can go and visit various places that vary between historical sites, palaces, towers and theaters, each according to his hobby and what he loves, in addition to the beautiful beaches and picturesque nature. The most prominent features of the island are summarized as follows:

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  • Historic Hawaiian Theater and Head Theater.
  • Aloha Tower, a place to shop and eat.
  • Chinatown, also called China Town, makes people feel in Hong Kong, where Asian restaurants and Chinese medicinal herbs are common.
  • King Kamehameha Statue, considered the most famous statue on the island, is located in the center of Honolulu.
  • The Bishop Museum, which includes various artifacts of interest to various family members of all ages.
  • Iolani Palace, the residence of the Kings, is now a museum in front of people.
  • Kawaiahao Church, which was built in the early nineteenth century Christianity.
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