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Honolulu is located in Hawaii in the United States of America and is located at latitude 21.31 and longitude -157.86. Honolulu is located at an altitude of 18 meters above sea level and has a population of approximately 371.657 people which makes it the largest city in Hawaii and operates on the HDT time zone, as it is located Honolulu along the Pacific Rim on the island of Oahu, the largest city in the Hawaiian Islands and its vibrant capital, Honolulu is a lively busy place and the center of all Hawaiian trips, where many people from all over the world travel to Honolulu to enjoy the shimmering beaches and wonderful weather.

Honolulu climate

The weather and climate in Honolulu is one of the greatest surprising and enjoyable aspects of the city, as the city is located 3.450 km from North America, and the longitude and latitude of its location affect the weather as these lines contribute to Honolulu’s possession of tropical weather, and the Pacific contributes to granting The region has a pleasant and distinguished climate where temperatures range between 15-32 degrees Celsius, in addition to the northeast winds keep the region warm, and the city’s location on the equator that keeps daylight hours consistent throughout the year, the fluctuations of temperature from season to season are considered constant relative .

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Tourist areas in Honolulu

Shangri La Technical Museum

The “Shangri La” Museum in Honolulu is a Doris Dock Foundation for Islamic Art, as this museum contains many architectural and decorative pieces from all over the Middle East and North Africa. This museum was built by Doris Duke and is an open-air palace Built on an area of ​​20,234.2 square meters, this museum overlooks the waves at the bottom of Diamond Head in Hawaii. The construction of this museum aims to study and understand Middle Eastern culture and is open to the public for a tour inside.

USS Arizona Memorial

The USS Memorial, located off Interstate 99 while in the parking lot in Arizona, can be visited. This monument commemorates the sudden, devastating air attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces in 1941, and this monument is one of Oahu’s attractions that must be visited. This visit includes watching a 23-minute short movie on the attack and then riding a boat for a trip to the memorial site built over the sank Arizona warship.

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