How do I go to Al-Sawah Al-Amiriya Street in detail, as it has become easy in the recent period and in light of the technological development to find a lot of different information that is recognized through the various internet sites, which include booking airline tickets and also hotel reservations, and communicating with family and friends from all over the world The Internet has saved us a lot of time and effort, and one of the things that has become easy to know through the Internet is the identification of some places and how to reach them and their exact location, and among those places that a lot of people are confused about how to reach them, especially N it was not from the area is the field of tourists, and will recognize the address detailed this field and how to access it in order to facilitate a lot of people access to it in detail.

How to get to Al-Sawah Al-Amiriya Square:

The metro is taken and descended to the area of ​​the Dome Bridge, and then a car is taken in front of the Republican Palace, which delivers to the Amiriyya, and after that the walk is carried out and a vehicle can be taken to deliver to the obelisk, and in this area there is a company department, passports and a section for the lecturer and fish available Also, the record, as this region is where all these police bodies are located, and in the case of going from the Suez Bridge area, you can take a car that delivers to Al-Matareya, and there is another car that connects to Al-Sawah Square quickly

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