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How do I go to Yalova from Istanbul

We present to you how to go to Yalova from Istanbul, Turkey from the important tourist destinations today, its atmosphere varies and varies from city to city. And the eyes of tourists started to turn to cities other than Istanbul, the most famous city among them, and the city of Yalova today. It is one of the cities of Turkey that has a charming landscape that attracts attention, in addition to the multiplicity of options for tourists to spend their time from historical tourist places, or entertainment places. It also has a mild climate throughout the year, today on the website of Arab travelers we will inform you about the best means of transportation to visit the city of Yalova from Istanbul.

How do I go to Yalova from Istanbul

There are more than one means of transportation that you can resort to when you go to visit Yalova City:

From Istanbul to Yalova by car

  • You can take a taxi, or rent a private car.
  • Considering that the cost of a taxi is much higher than a private car.
  • The drive from Istanbul to Yalova takes approximately one hour and forty-five minutes.
  • During that time, you can enjoy the charming landscape on both sides of the road.

Ido Istanbul Yalova

  • Ido is a company that has express ferries that move between Istanbul and Yalova.
  • It is usually the preferred way for everyone, tourists and locals, to move to Yalova.
  • The ferry takes about 75 minutes.
  • Ticket prices vary, as there is a discount for students and those who book their tickets through the official website of the company, in addition to a discount for those who pre-book.
  • In addition, there are various fees charged for transporting cars and bicycles.
  • As for the phrase “Ido”, it is a large and luxurious phrase in which the seats are lined with seats.
  • It has a children’s play area.
  • In addition to having an outlet with some gifts and travel supplies.
  • It has a coffee shop to serve hot and cold drinks and some fast food.
  • And it is characterized by the presence of a corner for prayer.
  • It also provides its passengers with free internet service.
  • The ferry cruise is a pleasant excursion which is recommended for tourists, to enjoy the charming scenery.

To get tickets
Below we will attach to you the places that you can get tickets through:

  • You can book your tickets online through the official website of Edo Company, which is available in English and Turkish for its visitors.
  • Tickets are available at Yenikapi Port, and Eminonu Port in Istanbul.
  • Also available at Ataturk Airport in the office of Baf rental car company.
  • You can also find tickets at all Shell gas stations.

How far is Yalova from Istanbul

  • The distance between the cities of Yalova and Istanbul is estimated at 109 km.

Yalova is a beautiful tourist city that is quiet, we advise you not to miss it if you are in Turkey.

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