How can I make sure of my reservation for flynas in an easy way? Pilot People represents one of the Saudi airlines that is characterized by its low cost and distinctive services and its headquarters in Riyadh, just as the system that it operates is an economic flight in Saudi Arabia, and through the article today We will get to know people in detail in detail, and we will answer the question of how to confirm my booking with flynas on the Arab Travelers website.

Fly people

We find that the first start of flynas was in 2007 with a group of pilots, numbering thirty thirty Airbus A320 aircraft, and the first flight was on February 25, 2007, which has two classes of travel: economic class, business class, and We find that the number of flights made by the airline of people during one week is approximately one thousand flights, and that is to more than 17 regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and 53 countries around the world in Europe and Asia and also the Middle East, and the company has obtained a permit From operating scheduled flights in the Kingdom and departure point from King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh .
The company provided many and many services until the number of people who enjoyed its services reached 23 million passengers, their trips ended with success and by providing the best services for their comfort and happiness, in addition to adhering to the appointments and all that at the lowest costs, as there is customer service Distinguished, and during 2015, 2016 and 2020 the company won the award for the best company with the lowest costs in the Middle East in addition to the Skytrax award in 2020.

How to book for flynas

We find that the fastest and easiest way to book a flight in Al-Nas Airlines is through the Internet by entering the site after pressing Here And now write the travel dates that you want to book and then write flynas20 in the promo code field, the company also provides after other methods such as visiting the sales offices in Saudi Arabia, or contact the company through 920001234 for clients from within the Kingdom or call 966114349000 for customers from different countries The world is outside the kingdom.

E-boarding pass dates:

  • International flight: The boarding pass is available within 48 hours before the flight and up to two hours before the departure time
  • Domestic flights: Available within 48 hours before flight and up to 1 hour before departure time

How do I make sure of my reservation for flynas

Reservation is confirmed in Al-Nas Airlines by SMS, in order to facilitate the customers and provide them with comfort.

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