How famous is the rolling pin

المسافرون العرب

Rolling pin

Al-Shobak city is one of the Arab cities affiliated to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and it belongs administratively to Ma’an Governorate, and it was named by this name in relation to the dense and interlocking trees in it, and its land area is 640 km2, and it rises above sea level 4,364 feet; i.e. 1,330 meters, and it is divided administratively into twelve The village of Al-Maqaria, Huala, Triangle, Al-Faisaliah, Al-Baqaa, Shammakh, Al-Haddadah, son, Al-Zubeiriya, Al-Mansoura, Bir Al-Dabbagh, Al-Jahir, Bir Khadd and Al-Zaitouna.

Al-Shoubak Geography

Astronomically located on the longitude 35.33 degrees east of the Greenwich Line, and on a latitude of 30.31 degrees north of the equator, it is located geographically in the southwestern side of Jordan specifically in the northwestern side of Ma’an Governorate, and it is bounded by the eastern side of the Husseiniya Brigade, and bordered on the one side
The northern Basira Brigade is located in the Tafila Governorate, and it is bordered on the western side by the Wadi Araba district in the Aqaba Governorate, and it is bordered on the southern side by the Petra District and the Kasbah Ma’an District, but its climate is characterized by its moderate.

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How famous is the rolling pin


  • I mentioned for the first time the days of the Persian occuAl Bahahn, and with the days of the Nabatean kingdom its name rose and flourished, as it was one of the parts of the Nabatean capital Petra and its northern façade.
  • The city remained in Islamic times as a small village or town, and the majority of its inhabitants were Jews and Christians.
  • The Crusaders adopted it as a kingdom at the beginning of the Crusades in 1115 AD, and they named it in the name of Montreal; meaning the royal mountain, and the Crusaders continued to control it until 1189 AD after its leader Salah Eddine Al-Ayoubi liberated it, thus becoming an Islamic kingdom.
  • During the rule of the Ottomans in 1516 AD, the city began to decline again, and it became a small village after being exposed to Bedouin attacks from all sides.
  • At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the children of Izz al-Din Abu Hamra, who came from the Al-Rifai family, who lived in the Homs district in the Syrian Republic, immigrated to their lands. They rebuilt the castle and settled there.


Tourism is represented in scientific and environmental tourism, because it has distinctive geological formations, stunning natural scenery, and the most prominent tourist sites in it:

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  • The Heisha forest forest, which is one of the highest areas in Jordan, where it rises above sea level 1700 meters, and is characterized by being a first-class resort as it overlooks many of the stone valleys called Al-Bayda.
  • Al-Bustan Valley, which is located in the northern side of the city of Al-Shoubak specifically on the outskirts of the town of Mansoura, and is considered to be one of the ramifications of the ruin pit, and it is characterized by the abundance of water springs and greenery of the earth.
  • The western valleys of Al-Shoubak, whose descent is attained through the highlands of al-Jahir and Shamakh, and are characterized as a mine for geologists because they contain strange formations and fossils.
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