How far is Istanbul from Bursa

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The distance between Istanbul and Bursa

The distance between the two cities of Istanbul and the Turkish Stock Exchange is 56.67 miles by air, which is equivalent to 91.21 kilometers, while the distance becomes 99.42 miles; that is, 160.00 kilometers if the car is used to move between them, and the time required to travel the distance between the two cities by road is an hour and 55 minutes, and it should be noted that Istanbul And Bursa are located in the same time zone, and belong to the Marmara region, for Istanbul it is located on the longitude 28.975925, and the latitude 41.012379, while Bursa is located on the longitude 29.058004, and the latitude 40.194756.

Tourist places in Istanbul

Istanbul, which is the largest city in Turkey, is located along the Silk Road, and it occupies a strategic location at the intersection of international land and sea trade routes, which made it a center of Turkey’s economy. The city also includes many tourist attractions, the most important of which are: Hagia Sophia, which is surrounded by Muhammed II, the ruler of Istanbul To a mosque, the Galata Tower dating back to the fourteenth century, the Blue Mosque built by Sultan Ahmed Kami in 1609 AD as a competitor to Hagia Sophia, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art dating back to the sixteenth century, and the Dolmabahce Palace which was dedicated to the Ottoman sultans.

Tourist places in Bursa

Bursa is the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and it includes many mosques that were built in the time of the Ottomans, the most important of which are: Sultan Murad II Mosque, the Grand Mosque or Ulu Cami, and the Green Mosque and others, and the tourist attractions in Bursa are not limited to mosques only, they also contain old Ottoman homes It abounds in the Hesar region, which is located to the west of the city center, and there is also on the Bursa Çekirge region, whose bathrooms are famous for hot mineral water, which is one of the most important health resorts in the country.


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