Samsun is one of the most important tourism destinations in northern Turkey on the Black Sea coast, as it is the main port on it, as it enjoys a picturesque nature in addition to a variety of attractions that attract tourists to it from all sides, and despite its keeping pace with the development around it, it still retains its historical character.
In this report, we answer the most common questions that we receive about tourism in Samsun and its relationship to some Turkish cities such as Trabzon and Istanbul, and from those questions that we will answer, where is the city of Samsun? How far is Samsun from Istanbul?
How far is Samsun from Istanbul

Best hotels in Samsun

The place of residence is one of the most important things that must be taken into account when thinking about traveling to Samsun. Samsun includes a large number of the best hotels in Turkey that provide its guests with high-quality service and various advantages in addition to competitive prices, in order to facilitate the distinguished visitors in choosing the best and most suitable place of residence, This report, which includes a group of distinguished hotels in Samsun, has been prepared according to the reviews of thousands of Arab guests who have already tried it … Read more

Best hotels in Samsun

Where is Samsun located on the map:

Samsun province and city is located in the north of Turkey on the Black Sea coast. Please see the following map to find out where Samsun is located in Turkey, specifically on Google Maps:

How far is Samsun from Istanbul:

The distance between Samsun and Istanbul is about 754 km, according to Google Maps. You can travel from Istanbul to Trabzon by car, bus, plane.
The following map shows the routes and routes available for travel between Samsun and Istanbul:

How far is Samsun from Istanbul by car?

The distance between Istanbul and Samsun can be traveled by private car or rental vehicle in approximately nine hours, and this travel option costs from $ 95 to $ 140.
To learn how to rent a car in Istanbul and the best companies that provide the service, you can follow the following article .. Read more

How far is Samsun from Istanbul By bus?

The journey from Istanbul to Samsun takes approximately thirteen hours and twenty-five minutes by bus, and costs approximately $ 18 per person.

How far is Samsun from Istanbul by plane?

Samsun can be reached from Istanbul’s Sabiha International Airport in less than six hours, at a cost between $ 29 and $ 103.

How far is Samsun from Trabzon:

The distance between Trabzon and Samsun is 325 km, according to Google Maps. It is possible to travel from Trabzon to Samsun simply by renting a car in Trabzon and starting on a trip that takes four hours and a third at a cost of no more than $ 65.
It is also possible to travel by bus in about five hours and ten minutes at a cost ranging from 7 to 12 dollars, and finally there are flights available to travel the distance between Samsun and Trabzon in five hours at a cost of no less than 124 dollars and no more than 555 dollars.
You can see the map below for travel routes from Trabzon to Samsun:

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