How far is Sharm El Sheikh from Cairo?

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On the country of the pyramids and ancient history, the conversation expands to cover all parts of the cities, beaches and landmarks that make tourism in Egypt a dream that many aspire to. Among the most famous Egyptian cities, there is the coastal city that cannot be bored when visiting it, which is the wonderful city of Sharm El-Sheikh.

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh is the best way to delve deeper into authentic Egyptian culture and learn about the many historical and archaeological sites such as the famous Mount Sinai and of course enjoy the pure sea water and the scenic desert scenery.

If Cairo is the starting point and you intend to go to Sharm El Sheikh, here is this report that will give you many ways to reach Sharm El Sheikh, whether by land or air, and the report will answer your question about how far Sharm El Sheikh is from Cairo.

How far is Sharm El Sheikh from Cairo?

If you are wondering about the distance from Cairo to Sharm El-Sheikh Kam Kilo, it is estimated at 510.9 kilometers by walking through the Ras Sidr-El-Tor road, while Sharm El Sheikh can be reached by using a plane, car, bus or taxi.

Here is a map showing the distance between Cairo and Sharm El-Sheikh:

From Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh, how many hours by plane : The flight from Cairo Airport to Sharm El Sheikh Airport takes about two hours and 54 minutes, and it costs from $ 38 to $ 289 depending on the type of ticket.

How far is Sharm El Sheikh from Cairo by car: The time taken to reach Sharm El Sheikh by car can be estimated at 6 hours 38 minutes and costs from $ 16 to $ 25.

From Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh How many hours by taxi: If you decide to reach Sharm El Sheikh by taxi, this will take approximately the same time as 6 hours and 38 minutes, while this will cost from $ 50 to $ 60.

From Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh cam hour by bus: This trip will be done using a bus via Cairo Nasr City, and this will take approximately 7 hours and 46 minutes, while the cost will be only $ 6.

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