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Maldives and far from Malaysia

Maldives is a small island located in the continent of Asia in the Indian Ocean, and away from Malaysia a distance of 2000 miles, and passes by the equator in the south, and a population of 309 thousand people, mostly Muslims, and the Dhivehi language is the official language of the country and contains a lot It is a vocabulary of the Arabic language, and its capital is Male.

Britain ruled the Maldives 78 years as a natural reserve and then became independent in 1965 AD, and she has been a member of the Commonwealth of Nations since 1982, and the system of government in it is a republican system where the president is elected for a period of five years and only Muslims are allowed to vote and vote and others are forbidden to do so.

Geography of the Maldives

The Maldives is made up of about 1190 atolls that consist of live coral slits and dirt barriers, and a length below the edge of 960 km below sea level that rises suddenly from the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Climate and rain in the Maldives

The Indian Ocean greatly affects the climate of the Maldives, where it forms a barrier to heat, absorbs it, stores it, and exports tropical heat slowly, as its climate is high in humidity and the average temperature in it is between 24-33 degrees Celsius, and the average rainfall in the northern region is 2540 mm, And in the south 3810 mm.

Economy in the Maldives

These islands were known in the past for trading shells, coconut ropes, dried tuna and amber, and domestic and foreign ships were transporting these products from the Maldives to Sri Lanka and other ports in the Indian Ocean, and in the present era the Maldives government has taken some measures to reform the economy by raising import quotas And opening the door for importing some commodities to the private sector. Tourism is also considered an economic activity that generates good income for the country in addition to fishing.

Tourism in the Maldives

The Maldives environment is an archipelago environment with distinction, which gave it a beautiful tourist site, and there are only 185 of them inhabited and the remaining islands are used for tourism and economic purposes, so tourism constitutes 28% of the GDP, as well as 60% of foreign currency revenue and 90% of government tax revenue And tourism is encouraged by the presence of an international airport on the island of Holly near the capital, it organizes flights to international airports and foreign countries such as India, Sri Lanka and Dubai, and there is also an airport on Addo Island called Gan Airport that organizes weekly flights to Milan.

Cities of the Maldives

  • Male City: It is the largest city and capital of the country located in the Maldives, and there is the main port of the country, and despite its small area where it is two kilometers in length and one kilometer wide, it is characterized by its attractiveness, arrangement and cleanliness, and there are mosques and markets abundant, as well as its small interlocking streets.
  • Addo City: It is the second largest city in the Maldives and it is a coral island, and its resort is the main summer resort for the Maldives and from which tourists travel to the rest of the islands, and its inhabitants speak a different language from the language of the residents of the capital and they are independent people who tried to independence from the Maldives.

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