How important is tourism

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Tourism effect

Tourism affects the social and cultural life of the host communities, by:

  • Communication with the outside world becomes greater thanks to tourism, as it increases the import of goods and services, in addition to it encourages cultural exchange, enhances the internationalization process (subject to international supervision), and develops the areas of trade and communications entirely.
  • The local interest in arts, especially handicrafts, theater, music, and dance, is increasing and becoming popular, and receiving huge sponsorship from the local community, in addition to its direct impact on art-related fields, such as: architecture, painting and literature.

The impact of tourism on the economy

Tourism promotes the local economy, and wealth increases when numbers of visitors flow to it, and this also contributes to creating new job opportunities, and encourages the improvement of infrastructure and other types of investments, and it directly affects the GDP, where dealing with hotels and travel agencies , Airlines, tour operators, restaurants, and other activities that meet the needs of tourists, and also indirectly affect the economy through activities in the tourism sector, so capital investment increases, and this includes all sectors that operate mainly in the tourism field , And any Zia also invested in tourism assets, such as: transportation, accommodation, in addition to government spending for tourism, and spending may be local or national, such as: promoting tourism and visitor services.

The importance of tourism to the environment

Natural tourism helps to promote the preservation of wildlife and natural resources, such as: rainforests, as it is currently considered one of the tourist attractions in the world. Tourism also helps in obtaining funding to conserve animals and marine parks through obtaining entry fees and guide fees. , Extension and other sources of work, thereby reducing problems, such as overfishing and deforestation in developing countries.


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