How many countries in the world

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Number of countries in the world

The number of countries in the entire world has not yet been confirmed, as there are beliefs that its number reaches one hundred and fifty, and another one hundred and sixty, or one hundred and seventy, and some have said that it has reached two hundred and fifty countries; the reason for not being able to determine the number is the presence of countries It is autonomous and independent.

Some international newspapers have conducted statistics related to these Arab travelers, the most important of which is the French newspaper Mondl Diplomatique, according to which the French state recognizes the existence of a hundred and ninety countries, and the Russian government recognizes the existence of a hundred and seventy-two countries, while Germany recognizes one hundred and eighty one countries, but for the Economist newspaper, I believed that its number It ranges between a hundred and sixty-eight to two hundred and fifty-four countries.

Number of countries in relation to continents

  • Forty-six countries in the Asian continent.
  • Fifty-four countries on the African continent, including Western Sahara.
  • Forty-seven countries on the European continent.
  • Twenty seven countries in the North and Central American continents.
  • Twelve countries are in the South American continent.
  • Nineteen countries on the Australian continent.

Number of Muslim countries

The number of Muslim countries in the world is about fifty four of them, twenty six of which are located in the African continent such as: Algeria, Tunisia, Somalia, Gambia, Guinea, and others, and twenty-five in the Asian continent such as Palestine, Jordan, Syria, the Arab Gulf, and others, and one and one Only on the European continent, which is Albania.

Number of Member States of the United Nations

The United Nations includes about a hundred and fifty-three countries, including one hundred and ninety-three with full membership, and two non-member states that are observer, in addition to a group of countries that do not have the right to vote and are only as an observer member.

Countries not recognized internationally

It amounts to about ten countries that are not participating in the United Nations, and includes Palestine, but nonetheless it has a group of important diplomatic relations, Kosovo, and the Sahrawi Arab Republic, which is one of the member states of the African Union, and Taiwan and is currently not a member state of the United Nations, and Ostia Southern region in addition to Abkharia and these two countries are recognized only by Russia, the northern part of Cyprus is recognized only by Turkey, and Transnistria is recognized only by Abkhazia, which is a country not recognized by the United Nations, and South Ossetia in particular, in addition to c The confidentiality of Somaliland, in addition to the states of Nagorno-Karabakh, and was founded in 1991, does not have the independence from Azerbaijan so far, Somaliland, which was founded in the year 1991 does not have independence from Somalia, according to the United Nations.


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