How many galleries of the Louvre Museum

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Louvre Museum

The museum is located on the northern bank of the Seine in the French capital, Paris. It is considered one of the most important museums in France and the world. The museum was at first a castle built by Philippe Okost in 1190 AD, in order to defend the city from any external attack that the city might be exposed to, and two flesh Based on the place on which it was built, and then they carried out repairs, restorations and expansion, and the most important artifacts in the museum are the famous Mona Lisa masterpiece belonging to the artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

The galleries of the Louvre

The Louvre Museum includes many galleries that include paintings, it is divided according to the type of art and its history from these halls:

  • ground floor: The ground floor includes Islamic art paintings, the ground floor is characterized by the enormous size of the place where it is possible to use maps designed specifically for the place to infer it, one of the most important artistic works that exist in ancient times, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, from these paintings Hammurabi and mosaic code And the collection of statues dating back to the Byzantine era, and the work of the Greek duo without arm of Vince de Mello.
  • first floor: This floor includes the famous art painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, the mona Lisa, along with many wonderful French paintings, playwright Soleil and the winged victory of Samothras.
  • second floor: This floor features 19th-century paintings that feature a range of fascinating works, including IngresThe Turkish Bath, and Dutch Vermeer.

Information about the Louvre

The Louvre Museum is one of the most important art museums in the world, it is the largest art gallery in the world, the museum includes more than a million different artifacts of statues and oil paintings and others, in addition to a group of monuments dating back to the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilization, where The number of artifacts is approximately 5664 artifacts, in addition to paintings dating back to the eighteenth century, the longest hall in the museum is about 13 square kilometers, and one of the most important sections of the museum is the grand hall designed by Catherine de Medici in the seventeenth century; which includes many Rare paintings from them Mona Lisa, and the right of the Great Hall there is a small hall which displays paintings French painter Tolotrick, and there is another room for its part includes oil paintings, including painting the coronation of Napoleon.


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