How many hours from Dubai to Georgia

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The time required to move from Dubai to Georgia

The distance between Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Kutaisi Airport (KUT) in Georgia is 1,380.79 miles, which is equivalent to 2222.16 km. To travel this distance, the plane needs a time period of 3 hours and 6 minutes, while the time between Dubai and Georgia becomes 42 hours and 9 hours. Minutes if the car is used to travel between them, then the distance becomes 2,108.19 miles, equivalent to 3,392.81 km, and it should be noted that Dubai and Georgia are located in Asia and in the same time zone, as Dubai is located on the longitude 55.307484 and latitude 25.271139, while it is located Georgia is at longitude 43.4999 and latitude 41.99998.

Tourism in Dubai

Dubai is considered one of the most important tourist cities in the region because of its shopping centers, places of entertainment and cultural attractions. The city also includes many tourist attractions, the most important of which are: The Dubai Mall, which is the main commercial center in the city, and includes an ice skating rink, a cinema complex and a games area Dubai also includes the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world, with a length of 829.8 meters, and there is also the Dubai Museum, which was built in 1787 AD to defend the Dubai Creek, and finally includes Dubai Bastakiya, or as it is sometimes called Al Fahidi, which was the seat of Persian merchants The rich were trading mainly Pearl and fabric.

Tourism in Georgia

Georgia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe; it is characterized by its varied natural scenery, starting from the mountains to the tropical and semi-desert forests. Georgia includes many picturesque resorts and beaches that overlook the Black Sea. Ski lovers can also do it on the Caucasus Mountains in the country, and it should be noted that Georgia contains 150 museums, cathedrals, churches and bridges, and more than 12000 monuments.


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