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White House

The White House is the official residence of the President of the United States of America, and it is located in Washington, the official capital of the United States of America, and the American President lives in the White House, as it contains housing for the President’s family, in addition to containing the offices in which the President works and whoever helps him to manage things The United States of America, where many important decisions were taken in this headquarters, and the White House was called this name in the nineteenth century, due to its presence among buildings that are built entirely of red bricks, and its white stones reflected the intensity of its whiteness between these houses.
The name of the White House was at the beginning of the President’s House, then it was called the Presidential Palace and its name continued to do so until the year 1901 AD, when American President Theodore Roosevelt was asked to change his name to become the White House so he agreed to this, and the White House is one of the most important buildings visited by tourists From around the world, as it allows people to wander around some rooms of the White House in the morning of most days of the week, most visitors are allowed to visit only five halls of the rooms and rooms of the White House, and visit the White House every year more than a million and a half million visitors.

The White House and its facilities occupy about 7 hectares, which is equivalent to 0.07 km2. The White House is the oldest federal building in Washington, D.C., and the building’s history dates back to 1792 AD, where a competition was held that selected the most beautiful design to establish a headquarters for the President in Washington, DC, and won In competition, the American-Irish architect James Hoban, whose design was adopted for the White House, and the foundation stone was laid on October 13, 1792 CE, and skilled engineers from Scotland, and local slaves who worked their huts on the northern side of the building To stay temporarily pending Construction is finished.

The White House from the inside

The interior of the White House contains 132 rooms, and it has 35 bathrooms, and includes 412 doors, 147 windows, and 28 stoves, in addition to the presence of 3 elevators and 8 stairs, and the most important rooms and halls in the White House are the public hall, and visitors enter this hall from Through the northern wing of the building, these are the halls that visitors are allowed to enter, and they are located on the first floor of the building, and these halls express the beauty of the palace and its elegance and sophistication from the inside, and there is also the red hall, and it was called because the walls of the interior are lined with red silk, and the furniture for it It is of the style between the period 1810-1830 AD.
As for the blue hall, it is the hall for the reception of the president’s guests. It is furnished with furniture of the style that prevailed during the period 1817-1825 A.D. and was chosen by President James Monroe who was ruling the United States of America during that period. There is also the green hall, a hall that was renovated and renovated during the period 1800-1814 A.D., the walls of the interior were lined with light green silk, which was furnished by American furniture maker Duncan Fife who lived between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries AD, and at the end of the western part of the White House there is the main dining hall, and the hall expands to about 140 guests, and at the palace Many closets found own President of the United States and members of his family and his guests and working with him on a daily basis and on a permanent basis, and in the ground floor of the building there is a library, and the Office of the Secretary of the library, and there is also a White House doctor’s office.
There is also a kitchen that can provide meals sufficient for about 140 people at the same time, and it can also provide about garnish for more than 1,000 people at the same time. On the second floor there are the rooms for the president and members of his family, which is the family residence floor, and there are 16 rooms and one main corridor and 6 bathrooms, and on the third floor there are guest rooms, and rooms for workers in the White House, and there is a special cinema house, a swimming pool and a private playground For bowling, there is an exercise room, a billiard hall, a private room for sunbeds, and there is a music room.

A brief history of the White House

After the architect James Hoban succeeded in competing and his design was approved to be the design of the White House, construction began in 1792 CE as previously mentioned, and it is worth mentioning that James Hoban inspired the drawings of the White House at home from the Irish Parliament Building in Dublin which is known as Linser House. The design of the White House was due to the architectural style that prevailed in the eighteenth century AD and is the classic Palladio style. As for the first White House residents, President John Adams and his wife lived in the White House in the 1800s.
In the year 1814 AD, the building was renovated, after the Second World War ended after the British forces burned the palace, and President James Madison lived in it at that time and he and his wife had to flee from it. With the renewal of the White House, many rooms were added to it, including the northern and southern balconies, and in 1902 AD The building was restored again, and that was during the reign of President Theodore Roosevelt, so the eastern balcony was rebuilt again, and the presidential wing was added to adjacent to the western balcony, and then President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the expansion of the western wing and the addition of an indoor pool to it, and he also ordered the expansion of the eastern wing.
The White House also underwent several other reforms. In the period 1948-1952 CE, which is the term of Harry Truman, the structure of the building was strengthened through the use of steel and reinforced concrete. How much was the construction of the third floor completed to become an integrated floor? In this period the number of rooms in the palace increased from 125 rooms to 132 rooms. As for the historic halls of the people of the United States of America, there was no change in them until the arrival of the John Kennedy era, as the halls were renovated and organized to return as they were before. During the reign of President Nixon, the White House rooms were renewed again. .


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