How many rooms the American white house has

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American White House

The American White Egg is considered the only residence in which the elected US President resides throughout his presidency, and it is also the main headquarters for the supreme executive authority in the country. The American White House receives at least 30,000 visitors every week, instead of tourists and visitors who stand daily near its walls. To take memorial photos with him, as for the address of the American White House, it is on Pennsylvania Street in Washington, DC, located in the District of Columbia. The White House was established in the year 1792 AD by order of the first American President George Washington, but he died before the completion of work on it, and the President was John Adams was the first to reside in the White House in the year 1796 AD, and he was the first to 901 CE. The White House named it US President Theodore Roosevelt in a year.

American White House design

The White House is designed on an area of ​​7.3 hectares, where the white building is surrounded by gardens from all sides, and these gardens contain a lake in the south of it and another in the north in addition to a rose garden, and the construction of the white house is divided into:

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American White House rooms

The white building contains 123 rooms distributed in various sections of the American house, and this does not include the other facilities of the American White House, which include 35 toilets and five kitchens working all the time, in addition to three elevators and a hall designed for the theater and another hall designed for cinema, also contains a tennis court , A bowling track, a swimming pool, and another jogging track. The number of windows in the White House is 147, in addition to 412 doors and 8 stairs.

The presidential residence of the American White House

The central headquarters in the building is located between the eastern and western wings of the building, and the northern side of the headquarters is dedicated to receiving first-class visitors, while the ground floor of the headquarters contains a group of important rooms including the map room and the diplomatic meeting room, and the first floor contains the entrance square, The red room, the green room and many others. The presidential dinner room and the yellow room are on the second floor of the presidential residence.

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American White House Suites

The White House building contains two wings, the western wing, and it includes both the oval office (the presidential office), the ministerial room, the conference room, a meeting room, and an intelligence center. The eastern wing includes the office of the first lady in addition to the offices of the staff that works with it, and also contains the theater and cinema .

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