The cost of traveling to South Africa for two is what we will learn about in our article today, as South Africa is one of the most important African countries in the world, and many seek to travel to it for tourism or work, but there are those who do not know the costs of traveling to and staying there, and through the lines Next in Arab travelers we will give you the cost of travel to South Africa in terms of airline tickets, accommodation, transportation and food prices.

The cost of travel to South Africa for two people

Prices for airline tickets

  • Two tickets to one city in South Africa are worth about $ 1,400.
  • Domestic flight is resorted to when two people want to go to more than one city in South Africa, so that the tickets cost about 40 dollars on average.

Accommodation prices

  • Accommodation in hotel villas is the common system in South Africa, and is a single-room and villa-style guest house.
  • The villas consist of a living room and two bedrooms, and the average cost of each is about 260 dollars for two people.
  • As for singles near the wild reserves there, the average cost is around $ 3,000 for two, including main meals and excursions.
  • As for hotels, there are 5-star hotels. The cost of accommodation for two people in two rooms is around $ 400.
  • The cost of accommodation in 4-star hotels for two individuals is 180 dollars.
  • The price of stay in a 3-star hotel is $ 135 for two people.
  • A one-star hotel, with an average stay of two people at $ 60.
  • For apartments, the cost of renting an apartment in the city center, consisting of 3 rooms, is $ 860, even if it is located outside the city center, amounting to $ 728.

Transportation prices

  • When the visitor arrives at the airport, he will find taxis to take him to the hotel, and the fare for two people is about $ 40.
  • The cost of renting a luxury car for two people is around $ 80.
  • For regular taxis, tariffs start at $ 1.50, and each kilo covered by the taxi costs about half a dollar.
  • The price of a single ticket on local transportation is $ 2.5 for two people.

Food prices

  • Most accommodations in South Africa offer free main meals, except for hotels that only serve breakfast.
  • A meal for two people in a typical restaurant costs about $ 33.

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