How much does tourism in Indonesia cost one person

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Learn about the cost of tourism in Indonesia, which is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and attracts millions of tourists who number more than 10 million tourists annually, as it is the perfect choice for lovers of the picturesque nature and those who want to calm and relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of cities.
Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia and consists of thousands of islands, which number about 17 thousand islands and one of its largest is Java, and planning to travel to it or any other place requires knowing the costs of travel from the prices of airline tickets, accommodation and transportation, all of which you will find in Arab travelers.

How much does tourism cost in Indonesia

Prices for airline tickets

  • Ticket prices range from 400 to 750 dollars per person, and the entry cost is about 25 dollars and that visa extends for only one month.
  • Ticket prices range from Saudi Arabia to Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, from 50 Saudi riyals to 2000 Saudi riyals, and in the case of travel to Bali Island, prices start from 114 Saudi riyals.
  • You can search for flights from various countries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Indonesian cities such as Jakarta by entering this site.

Accommodation prices

  • The system of residence in Indonesia depends on accommodation in hotels or villas. Prices for hotel stay are on average up to $ 50 per person per night, per unit prices in three-star hotels range from $ 500 to $ 6,500 per room.
  • In case you want to stay in the villas, the cost starts from $ 75 per day only.
  • It is better to book airline tickets at least two months before traveling, and prices also fall in the winter season as the tourist turnout decreases in that season and increases in the summer and spring season.
  • In order to save expenses while staying in Indonesia, it is best to rent apartments that range from $ 36 to $ 48 per night, which consists of one bedroom and two bathrooms, along with the lounge room.
  • You can book hotels online by logging into this website.

Transportation prices

  • Transportation in Indonesia varies between taxis and public buses for transportation, and the cost of a taxi is fifty dollars in the case of renting the car for one day.
  • In the case of internal transportation between cities and islands, there are many tourist offices that organize transportation trips and their prices reach about $ 700.

Restaurant prices

  • The prices of local halal food in restaurants range to $ 25 per person, including three meals. There are many Arab restaurants that are more expensive than local food.
  • Kentucky meals are priced at about 2.5 US dollars, and if meals are eaten in tents on the island of Bali, the prices increase to 22 dollars.
  • Among the most famous restaurants in Indonesia is Tsavo Lyon, which is one of the oldest restaurants there and offers visitors the most delicious international dishes, in addition to the italyn restaurant de Mar, in addition to Bandar Jakarta restaurant specialized in serving the best seafood.

It is worth noting that the cost of spending a day on the beaches of Indonesia ranges between 80 to 130 dollars. As for the prices of massages on the island of Bali, the cost for the entire body reaches 7 dollars. In the case of spending two weeks in Indonesia, the total cost reaches 1800 dollars.

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