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Sabiha airport

Sabiha Airport is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, located in the state of Turkey, away from the city center, where it is away from Ataturk Airport about forty two kilometers, this airport was established in two and three years, due to the great pressure on Ataturk Airport located in Istanbul also, has witnessed Sabiha Airport is a significant and remarkable progress since its foundation, and to this day, it travels from the Sabiha Airport in large numbers of planes destined for many countries, it is an airport that links Europe and the Middle East, and also links the countries of the West with the countries of the East, in addition to that it provides a set of flights Local from inside Turkey to the city Istanbul, and among the European cities that reach the city of Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Stockholm and Zurich, in addition to that its planes reach cities located in the state of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia, and there are many cities that provide trips to the Sabiha airport site, including Milan , Rome, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich.

Ataturk International Airport

Ataturk Airport is located in the European part of Turkish Istanbul, specifically in the Yesilkoy region, it is also called Istanbul International Airport, the airport is located about twenty-four kilometers from the city center, where it ranks fourth on the level of European countries, in terms of passenger traffic, has been established The airport is one thousand nine hundred and twenty-four, and it was opened in one thousand nine hundred and fifty-three, in the past it was called as Yeshilkoy, and in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty was named at Ataturk Airport, in honor of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Ataturk, with an area of ​​9,470,554 square meters, which is an area It is ok There is an air port that is used in Turkey. The airport includes two runways for take off aircraft, each of which is about three thousand meters long, and includes twenty-three passenger bridges, and four stations designated for major domestic and international trips, freight, and public transport.

New Istanbul Airport

It is the third airport in Istanbul, and it is still in operation, and it will be one of the largest airports in the world, to be established by order of the Turkish President Erdogan, and it will be opened on the twenty-ninth of October two thousand and nineteen, the airport is located in the European part of Istanbul, specifically On the Black Sea, and extends over a distance of 67.5 million square meters, and the airport will include six runways, so that it will be able to accommodate nine million passengers annually, and the airport will accommodate one hundred and fourteen aircraft at the same time, and it is possible to operate about three thousand flights per day, it is from Giant, mega projects in the city, additional That will replace the Ataturk Airport, which will stop working.

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