How much is the distance between Morocco and Spain

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How much is the distance between Morocco and Spain

The distance between Beni Mellal Airport (BEM) located in Casablanca in Morocco, and the Cuatro Ventos Airport (ECV) located in Madrid, Spain, is 564.07 miles; equivalent to 908 km. This distance needs to be traveled by plane approximately 1 hour and 34 minutes. The traveler used the car to travel between Morocco and Spain, it would take 16 hours and 46 minutes to travel a distance of about 826 miles, i.e. 1,329 km, and it is worth noting that Morocco lies on longitude -6 and latitude 32, while Spain is located on longitude -4 and latitude 40.

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Morocco is located north of the continent of Africa, on the Mediterranean, and as it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, it is bordered from the northeast and south to the Algerian border by the Atlas Mountains, to the south by Mauritania, and to the east by Algeria, and the population of Morocco is 33,986,655 people, according to estimates in 2020 Distributed over a total area of ​​172,413 square miles, equivalent to 446,550 square kilometers, and historically, Morocco has been home to Berbers since the second millennium BC, and the country has witnessed many strong conflicts between Berbers and Arabs.


Spain is located in southwestern Europe, bordered to the northeast by France, and to the west by Portugal. Spain has land borders with Gibraltar only in the far south, and occupies approximately 85% of the Iberian Peninsula (it is the southwestern tip of the continent of Europe that separates the Mediterranean. From the Atlantic Ocean) that you share with Portugal, Spain is a diverse geographical and cultural country, filled with snow-capped mountains, stone castles, developed cities, and various monuments, which made it a preferred travel destination, and also has the oldest rocks in Europe.


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