How tall is the eiffel tower?

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Eiffel tower

It is a tower made entirely of iron with a height of 324 m. The Eiffel Tower is located in the French capital, Paris, specifically in the far northwest of the Champ de Mars park, near the Seine River, and the idea of ​​establishing the Eiffel tower appeared in 1887 AD by Gustave Eiffel and some of his aides in order to honor The session of the scientific exhibition held in Paris in 1889, and it was called the three hundred meter tower at the opening ceremony and accordingly it became the first cultural symbol of the French capital Paris, as it is considered the first tourist destination in the capital, as it attracted more than 200 million visitors since its opening until now, and it was not limited The importance of the Eiffel Tower has been Where he helped the high tourist height to use it in some of the scientific experiments, in addition to the installation of several antennas for the strengthening of television stations and radio signals.

Eiffel Tower construction and design

The construction work for the tower started in January of 1887 AD and extended for 26 months in a row. About 50 engineers and more than 300 workers participated in the construction work, and during the first five months they were able to lay the foundations of the tower, while the tower itself took the longest period of construction, which It spanned 21 months, until the construction work ended in March of 1889 CE. The official opening of the tower took place in May of the same year. The architects look at the creativity that was used to construct the Eiffel Tower and the short period during which it was built with wonder, given the limited resources and capabilities That was available to engineers and work during that period Resonance with the precision and magnitude of this global edifice.

Ownership of the Eiffel Tower

The property rights of this origin belong to the Paris municipality, but a specialized company is working to manage the tower and make profits from it, as this brings great financial benefit to the Paris municipality as one of the huge financial resources, and this helped to add the electric elevator to the building of the tower, which is used to lift visitors To high altitudes of the tower for an amount of money, in addition to the establishment of many restaurants and rest houses at high altitudes, which attract a large number of visitors every year, and other broadcasting stations and scientific experiments centers located on top of the tower.

Maintenance of the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is completely painted every five years in order to protect it from corrosion and rust, as the tower needs 50 tons of paint to be completely painted, and the process of its coating extends to 15 months, which is done through a group of workers trained in this with a number of at least 25 workers.


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