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Along the wall of china

The Great Wall of China extends from east to west across the northern border in China, and its length is 6.259.6 km. It extends from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lube Lake in the west. The Great Wall of China has become an important landmark of China and a center to attract thousands of tourists every year. The wall began as a set of walls and fortresses made of many materials, and was later connected to protect the empire from invasion. In some places along the wall, the length of the wall was reduced from more than five meters to less than two meters, and many watchtowers and parts of the wall disappeared during the years Because it was built of mud and Yassin made of stone, and this make them susceptible to corrosion.

The reason for building the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built to protect the Chinese Empire, and the wall has done this job for more than two thousand years, protecting the empire and its economic progress through safe trade routes; transport through it was secured like silk transport, and it was built for self-defense due to the frequent wars between the dynasties. The first construction of the wall was in Chuo Prefecture, and the wall built millions of people over time as workers, prisoners of war, slaves, soldiers, civilians and peasants were forcibly recruited to work on the wall, and it is historically believed that Emperor Qin Huang ordered a million people to work in building the wall, He did not repent Once, but multiple periods Zminh between the sixth and seventh centuries AD, and built a large part of it during the reign of the Ming Dynasty between 1368 m and 1644 m

Facts about the Great Wall of China

Here are some facts about the Wall of China:
  • It was ranked as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.
  • Fire was used in the past to transmit messages between the towers along the wall.
  • More than a million people died during the construction of the fence.
  • Almost 42 million tourists visited the fence in 2004.
  • There is an abandoned section of the fence near Mutianyu.

General information video about China

Watch the video to know the most important information about China:

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