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Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is considered one of the seven wonders of the world built by man, and it is the most prominent and largest among these wonders and accomplishments, and it is considered the tallest building ever throughout history and ages, and it is believed that its construction lasted from the fourth century BC to the seventeenth century AD, and it is It is an important world heritage site.

Building the China Wall

The Great Wall of China was built of stones and mud, as the eastern side of it was completely covered with bricks, and the width of this wall is in some places four meters and six centimeters, and in other places such as its base we find it nine meters and one centimeter, and in the upper side of it it reaches three meters and seven meters Centimeters, as for its height, it reaches three meters in most places, and eight meters in other places. The guard towers were twelve meters long, and each tower was about a hundred meters away from the other.

Nearly ten thousand workers who were buried in places close to the wall were killed during the construction work that took place on this wall. The purpose of building the wall was a military purpose, as the northern empire’s borders must be protected from the attacks of their aggressors, and most parts of The wall for many times, as it was through the ages, restored and rebuilt again, and it is not preserved from the wall to this day except its eastern side extending several kilometers, with some minor relics in different places.

The length of the China Wall

Determining the length of this wall accurately, stood in front of researchers and historians, as it is mentioned according to an official account that it is six thousand seven hundred kilometers, but the Chinese Agency for the Preservation of Heritage confirmed that its true length reached eight thousand eight hundred and fifty kilometers, and this statement was in the year two thousand And eight AD, for this agency to re-correct the information in the year two thousand and twelve AD, as it said that its true length is twenty one thousand, one hundred and ninety six kilometers.
Despite the effort made by the Chinese rulers to build this wall, it failed to repel the attacks on the country, especially from the barbarians, and history books mention that the first Mongol leader to storm this impenetrable wall and accompanied by large numbers of his army of the tractor, the commander Genghis Khan And that was in the year one thousand two hundred and thirteen AD.

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