How to book a ferry ticket to Bursa

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Dear reader, if you are searching for how to book a ferry ticket to Bursa, we will present our article to you today through Arab travelers on this topic.
In the beginning, we can talk about Bursa, as it is a town inside Turkey located in the northwestern side of Turkey, and it occupies the fourth place in its population, and it is located between Istanbul and Ankara, and it is called Bursa Green due to its picturesque nature, which is characterized by its green color, and is characterized by wide forests, and there are It has many parks and public parks, and is considered one of the historical and archeological areas, as there are buildings dating back to the Ottoman era.

How to book a ferry ticket to go to Bursa

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Tourist places in Bursa

When you go to it, you can see many scenes that charm and dazzle you with its beauty, including: –

  • Old Mountain.
  • The Green Mosque.
  • Coast of Mudania.
  • Iznik Museum.
  • Turkish baths.
  • Like Cherryark or as it is called the Cultural Park.
  • Osman and Orhan cemeteries.
  • Oilat springs.

The city of Bursa has a great historical position, due to the many treasures it contains, which gives it international fame, as it has a large sporting status, and also there is an airport that provides recreational trips both to the cities in Turkey, and outside it.


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