How to bring a travel bag

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How to prepare a travel bag

The summer vacation begins and the rest and recuperation season begins, with travel to new areas in search of pleasure and entertainment that have become rare due to the pressure of work and daily life. The preparation for travel begins with a search for the place to go to, with the reservation of airline tickets and rooms in the appropriate hotels, then start preparing For travel, collect the necessary items while abroad, and select the appropriate travel bag for use during the trip.

Choose a travel bag

The choice of travel bag depends on the following conditions:

  • Large size and multi-pockets, so that all the necessary things can be accommodated during travel, with the possibility of separating the objects in the bag by placing each similar section of the objects in a specific pocket, to facilitate finding and arranging them when arriving at the specified destination.
  • Ensure the acquisition of a travel bag carrying in the hand, to put important things in it, including passports, ticket cards, mobile phone and other things that may be needed during travel.
  • In the event that the family travels together, it is preferable to provide a travel bag for every member of the family, even infants, to facilitate access to his belongings when needed.

Preparing the travel bag needs a lot of precision and attention to avoid forgetting or losing some of the items. It is preferable to adhere to the following things while preparing the bag in order to prevent any of this from happening:

Writing a list of needs

Before you start preparing and preparing your travel bag, it is very important to write a clear and comprehensive list of all the purposes that are important during travel. It is possible to facilitate writing the list without forgetting any of them by dividing the list into categories, such as clothing, makeup, detergent, and shoe, And write important matters in each category in its own list.

Collecting needs

When starting collecting the previous needs, be careful to ensure that all the clothes are clean and ironed, and that all the shoes are cleaned and washed from the bottom to avoid getting dirty, while making sure that all the cosmetics and cleaning materials to be accompanied are not empty, and that they are sufficient to spend the specified period without the need to purchase others there.

Arrange the requirements in the bag

Before starting to arrange the necessary needs in the bag, you must specify the location of placing each of them in the bag, it is preferable to use the belly of the bag to put the large needs of clothes and shoes, put the shoes first and cover them with a plastic bag and then arrange the clothes over them, and take advantage of the small pocket of the bag to put different cleaning products From shampoos and toothpaste, making sure to close them tightly or tie each in a bag. As for makeup, it is collected in a small tightly closed cotton bag and placed in one of the corners of the bag.


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