How to build pyramids

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Egyptian pyramids are among the most buildings in the world that have surprised millions of people with their magnificence and creativity in building, and with the progress and development of science and technology, the world’s amazement has increased in its creativity, design and construction, despite our development and the machinery used in construction at this time, many engineers and scientists were trying to explain and discover How did the ancient pharaohs enable them to build these pyramids, which are royal tombs? There is no doubt that these pyramids needed skills, engineering sciences, precision, and knowledge of engineering angles and triangles in a highly accurate way, as they needed a large amount of stones. Night in equal sizes and many scientists were most of their questions, how they were able to raise these huge stones over each other to reach such an amazing building, which surprised and still surprised splendor.
How to build pyramids:
There are many factors that helped the ancient pharaohs build such amazing buildings and perhaps the most important of them are:

1. Pyramids were built on the Giza Plateau, and this area is distinguished by the presence of large quantities of stones and sand, which were among the main components of building the pyramids.
2. Its proximity to the Nile, and do not forget that the course of this river was more extensive than this time.
3. The Pharaohs supported the pyramids from the angles and the lower sides with solid stones to ensure their cohesion and consistency in their construction, which made them remain steadfast for millions of years.
4. Many studies have proven that water taken from the waters of the Nile River was one of the main components of building the pyramids, as we infer this from the smoothness of the stones when touched.
5. The stones were huge and large in order not to be washed away with running and flowing water, whatever the momentum of the water, as its size was important to ensure its survival for such historical years.
And we notice when watching the amazing pyramids that they were from four sides and this is what made them need large and huge numbers of stones to build them, as it took twenty years to be able to complete such a building, and we would like to remind you that many are still trying to explain and analyze the construction of the pyramids, and the more they dig deeper into Analyze how to build it, whenever scientists prove the intelligence and accuracy of the ancient pharaohs, and this is what made it considered one of the wonders of the world, as it really is a miracle that stunned millions in this world.


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