How to drive from the right easily

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Driving on the right is not impossible and you can get used to it quickly. Here are tips and advice that will help you to drive on the right in a safe manner, God willing.

Remember that most drivers who are recruited to work in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf come from countries where the driving system is on the right, such as Indonesia and India, but they work and acclimatize quickly, and this means that you are not less than them and you can master the issue easily.

Countries driving left:

Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, parts of China … etc

take your time :

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Do not rush to move the car and lose all things from the inside and adjust the angles of the mirrors and the seat.

Reverse all paths:

When driving on the left you should be ready to reverse the directions of streets, entrances and exits, everything will be the opposite.
But keep this rule in mind (turn around right: in the case of a U-turn, highway entry, or intersection crossing,
Turn left: means exit from the road, stop next to the road, walk a lower speed track.)


The differences are simple on the inside. The pedal and the brake pads are in their usual place and are not reversed. Only the gear will be in the left and if you take an automatic car, this means that this is very simple, as well as in some countries the lights, wipers and other things are reversed in their place. Natural.

Stay behind the cars:

Always try to walk behind a car in front of you and be a guide for you to know the directions of the roads and do not overtake cars and become you in the foreground (follow this strategy so as not to make mistakes or reverse the road)

When the signals:

Remember, when you stand at the sign, the right side means walking straight or turning right and staying on the left side means jotting or turning to the left side.

Do not drive your car alone !!

Accept the help of your wife or the one riding next to you to alert you on the road and you will find that it is very useful for you and relieves you of a lot of pressure while driving.

Do not lay off !!

Always focus that you drive in a system that reflects everything and the subject is not difficult, but you must be attentive and always vigil so that you do not forget yourself and reflect the way.

Always monitor road signs

If the panels are facing you, then this means that you are in the right direction from the road, and if you see the back of the board, it means that you are in the wrong direction.
Also, in many countries that rely on driving to the left, they place guide signs at the entrances of roads and streets, such as no entry or a wrong road, to alert you.
“Wrong Way” or “Do Not Enter”

Drive on the right lane.

Try to stay in the right lane of the road because it is designated for lower speeds.

In large intersections:

How to drive from the right easily - How to drive from the right easily
Stop at your designated route according to your destination on the way. Each lane has a specific direction.
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If you go right enter the second path and if you go left enter the first path.

In the roundabout:

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Drive by clockwise direction only

stand up:

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Park your car on the left side of the street, not on the right.

Entry to the road:

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When exiting a main road and entering a main road, turn left.

Examples of priority law: Give Way

If you see this painting, then you must abide by the law of priority, which is to give space to others according to the following examples:
word image 3 300x153 - How to drive from the right easily
In this example the owner of the blue car should stop and prioritize the passage of the green car.
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Watch the dotted lines on the ground, it means that the priority is yours, so the blue car must stop and clear the way.
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Since the blue car wants to turn right, it must clear the way to the green car by stopping in the middle of the intersection and not completing the road until after all the cars have passed.
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Note that each lane has a certain path that you must strictly adhere to.
1581207780 908 How to drive from the right easily - How to drive from the right easily
The owner of the red car should advance slightly at the intersection, then stop and clear the way for the green car.
1581207780 943 How to drive from the right easily - How to drive from the right easily
Green car has priority over crossing here.

In the end, you should have the courage and do the experience that increases your confidence as a traveler who can adapt without difficulty and without resorting to drivers who may absorb the largest part of your trip budget and remember that the topic is easy and can be done by anyone with normal capabilities.


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