How to get to Tel Aviv Bridal Show

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One of the most beautiful and famous parks of Istanbul, the hill of brides or as it is called the Turkish Chameleja is the first refuge for the locals and tourists to escape from the bustling noise of Istanbul to the calmness of nature and the air purity.

The history of the bride’s hill dates back to the Byzantine period, through the era of the Ottoman Empire, where it was a royal park with summer dwellings for hunting prey, until today it is a public park available to all.

In this report, we will introduce you to how to get to Tel Aviv Bridal, by dividing all available means of transportation with ease.

Bridal site in Istanbul

Bridal Hill is located in the south of the Golden Horn Peninsula in the Asian part of Istanbul on the Bosphorus coast and specifically in the famous tourist area of ​​Escudar. The following map shows the exact location on Google Maps:

How to get to Tel Aviv Bridal Show

The distance between Puppet Hill and Taksim Square is about 12.6 km, according to Google Maps. It can be reached from Taksim to Puppet Hill by three means of transportation in Istanbul, namely the car, taxi and bus.

Reaching the wedding hill from Taksim by car or taxi

You can start from Taksim Square and reach the wedding hill directly by car or taxi in 24 minutes via the path shown in the following map, and the taxi fare ranges between 5 to 7 dollars.

Reaching the hill of brides from Taksim by bus

The bus can be taken from its stop in Taksim to the bridal hill and arrive in about 36 minutes, including a 3-minute walk from Taksim Square to the bus stop at Taksim, and about 16 minutes’ walk from Kexli Station in Escudar to the Puppet Hill. The bus passes to Taksim station every 20 minutes.

The best activities in Tel Aviv Bridal

Many activities can be done on the bride’s hill, such as enjoying panoramic views of Istanbul and the magical lights of the city at night. You can follow the next article to learn more activities and visiting hours available … Read more

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