How to go from Istanbul to Bursa

المسافرون العرب

Learn how to go from Istanbul to Bursa, Bursa is the fourth Turkish city in terms of population, it has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for more than two centuries, and Bursa is famous for agriculture as most of its land is covered by many farms and orchards, and Bursa is very popular The many rivers and valleys that pass through it are also famous for the picturesque nature taking, which helped it to be one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, as thousands of tourists go to each year to enjoy the picturesque nature of the city and visit its tourist attractions.
After arriving at Bursa, a wonderful tour of the city will be taken, where going up to Mount Uluda ‘by cable car, or visiting the Silk Bazaar market, visiting the Othman Ghazi Mosque, the Great Mosque and the perennial tree, and the historical covered market as well as visiting many cafes and restaurants where he has eaten delicious grills Or, visit the famous silk factory known for its beauty and splendor, as well as visit the honey factory and the Turkish confectionery factory. Here is more information on Arab travelers.

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The distance between Istanbul and Bursa

The city of Bursa is located far from Istanbul at a distance of about 230 km by road, where the average journey may take about three and a half hours or more depending on the nature of the road and according to congestion, and it is possible to go to it by train, by car or by ferry, and it is possible Going to a stock exchange at the ferryboat or through the ship within two hours, by starting from Yenikapi port in Istanbul to go to the port of Guzelyali in Bursa, and in order to avoid fatigue and hardship and waste time it is always advisable to book a trip to Bursa with tourist groups or with groups This is because excursions are included It includes transportation and delivery service to the door of the hotel, as there is a tourist speaking in Arabic and Turkish, in addition to that the trip includes transportation costs and meal expenses.

How to go from Istanbul to Bursa by car?

It is possible to rent a car from any of the many car rental companies without a driver, whether in the event that you come from Sabiha Airport or Ataturk Airport, and after receiving the car it is recommended to follow the steps provided by the company, and you can rely on Google Maps available on smart phone devices, or The use of satellite tracking devices that are provided by some of the car rental companies, and the distance between the two cities is about 230 km, which takes approximately three hours, and it is possible to go with a tourist group where the group is connected to the hotel door and the group is accompanied by a translator to introduce the tourists to the most important landmarks that can beWatched while on the road.

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Going to Bursa from Istanbul by public transport:

The journey from Istanbul to Bursa may take approximately four and a half hours, depending on the road congestion.

Go to Bursa by quick ferry:

Many express ferry sailing starts at Istanbul Kapach Station (located in the southeast of Taksim Square), ferries are available throughout the week and the ferry journey takes two hours to ten minutes, and the ferry journey is the best and fastest as well as enjoying a wonderful lake tour, after which Guseliyal Ferry Port, this port is about 28 km from the city center, where the F2 bus connecting between the city center and the ferry port can be ride, and it is also possible to ride any of the taxis as the journey takes about half an hour, and one of the most prominent transportation companies by ferry from Istanbul to Stock Exchange n Find Bodo and Edo companies.

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Going from Istanbul to Bursa High Speed ​​Train:

The country of Turkey recognized high-speed trains in 2009, through the Ankara-Ascı route, and from the price it became a dream of high-speed trains to become a reality and reality, as Turkey occupies the sixth position at the level of European countries and occupies the eighth position in the world, and the idea of ​​trains met Rapid attention is a wide concern, as the number of its users has reached more than 15 million passengers daily. High-speed trains have helped to reduce the number of traffic accidents and stimulate social, economic and cultural life and helped to reduce the distances between the outskirts of the state of Turkey, and there are high-speed train trips from Istanbul to Bursa wa Reverse journey takes about two hours and a quarter of an hour.

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