How to object to the deduction of an amount from your credit card by the hotel, the car company

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We received a lot of inquiries about the fact that some hotels deduct sums from the credit card after you left the hotel, and despite you paid the entire value of the hotel, you do not know the reason for deducting this amount !!

Or, some car rental companies deduct amounts from your credit card after delivering the car, or in another case, the company refuses to deliver the car to you and deducts the amount from your credit card.

first step :

Contact directly with the reservation or reservation site or the hotel or the rental company and inform them of the discount that was inquired from them about the reason, and in order not to incur the losses of international communications, it is preferable that you inquire through them via e-mail and not the phone (except for Boking prefer to contact them by phone) and You must include your full name and residence date or the date the vehicle was received and specify the amount that was deducted.

Wait two days:

If your response does not reach within two or three days, you can go to the bank and file a protest against the process that was deducted.

What might happen

You should know that when the merchant deducts the amount, the amount will be held in a Visa or MasterCard company for approximately 40 days and it will not be delivered to the merchant directly. During this period, you have the right to file an objection to the process and if you do not make the objection the entire amount will be transferred. For the merchant.
And when raising an objection, the bank will raise your objection to a Visa or Master Card company, which in turn will be the judge in the dispute between you and the merchant and a case will be opened and the merchant will be asked to explain the reason for the discount or return the amount and often if the discount is not correct the amount will be returned directly For the customer.

Why is objection the best solution?

You may be manipulated or defrauded by the merchant, but he will not dare to defraud a Visa or Master Card company because he will be severely affected and other sums due to him may be reserved regardless of the possibility of filing a case against him, so the merchant will deal with your objection with complete transparency and It quickly handles your request so that it does not face a problem that may affect its business, so we always advise you to submit an objection instead of gasping for traders who do not care about you and do not respond to customer communications.

And here we present to you the objection form of Al-Rajhi Bank, “The rest of the banks are not in our possession and we must communicate personally with each bank.”

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