For everyone who wants to travel to Indonesia and spend the happiest holidays in it, and who loves to spend honeymoon in the most enjoyable places in Indonesia, you must understand all the details of obtaining a visa to enter the charming Indonesia, the details and procedures for each country’s visa may differ from the other, and Here we will show you how to obtain an entry visa to Indonesia, the visas for entry into the Indonesian country are divided into two types, the first type is for a period of residence of thirty days only, and the second type is for a residence period that does not exceed sixty days

The first type
And he who stays for a period of thirty days only will give you only seven days and this is considered a minimum stay, and the cost of issuance is ten US dollars, and if you want to increase the period more than seven days here you can extract a visa worth twenty five US dollars, And you can extract these visas from the Indonesian official windows that are located in all airports and ports, and it is necessary to attach the passport, which must be valid for at least six months with the return ticket to your home country, and entry must be through the official outlets of the country As for the official countries in which this system is conducted It is (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt), and all citizens in other Arab countries must check with the Indonesian embassy that is in their country to complete the issuance of the visa, while the state of Morocco is considered the only Arab country that has been excluded From the issuance of an entry visa that provides thirty days of residency, and therefore all citizens traveling to Indonesia must obtain their entry visa from the Indonesian embassy in their country, and this type of visa (thirty days) is not renewable, as You must pay a fine up to Went to twenty US dollars for the additional one day that you paid inside the country, but if you have exceeded the additional sixty days after paying the extra days fine over the days of the visa-designated residence, he may expose you to prison terms, and compel you to pay a fine of twenty-five million rupees.

The second type
Which contains the issuance of a residence visa in Indonesia for a period of sixty days, it may be up to forty-five US dollars, and it must be issued by the Indonesian embassy that is in your country or that is located in the closest country to your country, and one of the most important documents required during the visa application is the attachment The original private passport with one personal photo for each visa applicant, filling in the form of the form at the embassy and submitting the papers in full without losing sight of any official papers and presenting them to the specialized employee in the Indonesian embassy, ​​and this system is conducted in most Arab countries, including (Saudi Arabia) , Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Emirates, the Kuwait, Amman, Jordan, Iraq), but it must be known that this visa is also not subject to renewal or renewal, as every additional day that you spend inside the country over the permissible days of residence may expose you to paying a fine on the twenty-day US dollars, and if Exceeded the stated limit, you will be subject to imprisonment or deportation

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