If you are on vacation in Dubai and do not know what interfaces you can visit, we will provide you with a guide to the most famous places that you can go to with ease, through our article today from Arab travelers, this charming city is an ideal global interface that thousands of visitors visit each year because it is It has many famous landmarks, it has been able to be in the ranks of developed countries, and to compete strongly, until it ranked fourth in the world in the number of visitors to it.
During several years, the city of Dubai was able to build many huge projects, high buildings, which are called skyscrapers, in addition to that no one comes to Dubai, and does not see the amazing Burj Khalifa, which is considered the highest and tallest in the world.
During the following lines, we will take you on a quick tour to the best places to visit and put it in the list of places that you want to go to, so prepare and let’s start the vacation, and tour together in Dubai, to get to know them.

Ways to spend a vacation in Dubai you will not forget

You can experience the most wonderful experiences, adventures and enjoy everything in Dubai, when vacationing, either alone, or with the family, to suit your budget, so check with us on the most prominent places there.

Dubai Fountain

The charming dancing fountain that attracts attention, it is considered the tallest dancing fountain in the world.
It is located by a lake below the Burj Khalifa, and the water there may reach a very high altitude of about 150 meters by air, and with lighting, water and musical notes we see before us a view of the best.
You can walk along the floating walkway, which is 272 meters away, and you can see the water shows.

Dubai Opera “Culture Center”

It has a number of great entertainment shows, in addition to musical theatrical performances and parties, and it is considered an architectural engineering masterpiece.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

One of the beautiful places to visit to enjoy a stroll on the promenade of Jumeirah Beach Residence, and there you will find a number of restaurants, and luxury stores that you can shop from.

Dubai Channel

Among the tourist places that attract citizens to it, it has a winding waterway, and with wonderful bridges, it is possible to walk through the canal’s walk, which extends to 3.2 kilometers.
You can take a ferry on a trip to the historic Dubai Creek.
In the evening, the beauty of the place increases, thanks to the waterfall that shines at night in a number of colors.

Union Museum

Designed as a manuscript, it has an impressive design, and was built on 7 oblique columns as a simulation of the pen that was used to sign the historical document, by the seven emirates.

Dubai Creek

It is a historical place that you can visit and enjoy.

Wonderful desert and sand ride

You can enjoy an adventure on the sand dunes, and make a wonderful safari trip, while enjoying the tranquility of the desert, as it is far from any hustle, so we advise you to be within your visit in Dubai.

Shopping places

There are so many great places to shop, including City Walk, which allows you to shop outdoors.
In addition to the Dubai Mall, which was built on an area of ​​1.1 million square meters, and is considered the largest shopping center in the world, it contains more than 1,200 stores that include the finest brands and brands, in addition to the presence of the largest place for skiing, inside this mall.
Also there is the Mall of the Emirates and it contains many entertainment services, and various stores that include the most luxurious brands.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Dubai

  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Civilization Communication
  • Dubai Marina
  • Dubai Frame
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Marina Beach
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Spice market
  • Perfume market
  • gold market
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood
  • Dubai Museum.
  • Heritage and diving village

In addition, you can enjoy the high-end hotels that are there, including five and seven stars, and you can also visit restaurants and cafes that provide the best service to citizens, and do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the gardens, parks and amusement parks that exist in Dubai, which have been done at the highest level.

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