How to start your tourist trip in Manarola, Italy

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First you take a walk as a way for you to move

How to start your tourist trip in Manarola Italy - How to start your tourist trip in Manarola, ItalyWalking is the best way to explore this beautiful country part of Italy. You can take the train to roam around the Cinque Terre park and there is no other way. Even cars and other means of transportation are banned in all five villages, including Manarola. So your feet are the basis for wandering around. The five villages are connected to each other with a complicated walkway that you will walk on and you will not regret this experience because the passage between the villages is charming and its scenic views fascinate the view, or you can use the train to move from one village to another when you take this pass you must make sure that you buy a ticket for 7 euros Because if you are not in your possession, you will pay a large fine and it is best to buy a Cinque Terre card so that you can reach the bus stop or the walkway and there is the train that connects to all parts of Cinque Terre. Validity of the card from day to week.

Secondly, explore the village
Manarola is one of five villages within Snake Ter. You will notice the magnificent scenery and charming nature of a small fishing village everywhere you will remember it and you will not forget it with difficulty. Manarola rises 70 meters above sea level, these colorful houses and long sloping streets lined up on a hill above the sea. There are no beaches, but there is a small dock for fishing boats.
Romantic outing
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Via dell’Amore or ‘Lovers’ Lane ’“ lover’s path or lover’s trail ”is called
It is a hiking path connecting Manarola with the neighboring village of Riomaggiore.
It is considered the most romantic road or path on the coast, it is a wonderful place to visit for newlyweds. There is a legend for naming this place with this name as it was the place where the two lovers from the two villages met. A magical path that you will enjoy walking along the sea, cliffs and picturesque areas. And lovers can put locks on the sidewalk railings in order to remain a wonderful memory for them. You must have a ticket in order to walk on this lane unless you have a comprehensive ticket to Cinque Terre.
San Lorenzo Church
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You must go up the hill to see the Basilica of San Lorenzo, built in 1338 by Maestri Antelami. In the 14th century, the bell tower was a defensive “Manarola tower” building, and it became a watchpoint for the detection of pirate ships.
Vineyards “Vineyards”
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The Manarola vineyards lie behind San Lorenzo Church, which is close to the top of the hill. When you want to go up to it, the road is ascending until you reach the top of the mountain. As you go, you will enjoy the pleasant scent of lemon blossoms alongside rosemary. Enables fields on hill slopes.
Hotels you can stay in in Manarola
Marina Piccola Hotel
A very comfortable hotel, the rooms are built and equipped in a country style, elegantly equipped for your stay. If you want to be a master at this hotel, book your room on the top floor. There is no elevator, but you will have a beautiful view of the sea.
Room rates are 120 euros for double rooms and 90 euros for single rooms.
Address and contact method
Via Birolli n ° 120
19010 Manarola (SP)
Cinque Terre
Tel +39 0187 920770
Fax +39 0187 920770
Hotel Ca’d’andrean
It is located on the top of the hill, you can see the sea clearly, but from some rooms, not all of them are beautiful, simple and clean. It has a garden and chairs surrounded by lemon blossoms for decoration and tables at the back. And also in country style. The price of a double room is 60-100 euros
To contact them and the site:
Via Discovolo 101, Manarola,
Tel. + 39-0187-920-040, –
Manarola is a charming country and you can do many things in a few days because of its smallness, but its wonderful places and picturesque nature will stop you in order to enjoy it as much as possible.


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