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Egyptian pyramids

Pharaonic civilization is one of the most famous ancient civilizations, different from other civilizations. The life of the pharaohs was distinguished from others by intense organization and finite accuracy. The Pharaohs lived in Egypt from ancient times, and they were the last to conquer it, as they were stationed on the banks of the Nile River and worked in agriculture for the fertility of the area surrounded by the Nile River. The production of agricultural crops is sufficient to feed all Egyptians, so they also worked in trade, adapted to the conditions and took advantage of the availability of water wells, oil, and minerals. These are the reasons for the success of their Pharaonic civilization.

Building Egyptian pyramids

Pharaohs took care of many things that contributed to the prosperity of economic growth in Egypt, where they were able to build the greatest edifice in the world, so they took interest in science and literature, organized writing, and made war equipment to fight and protect themselves, and excelled in medicinal herbs that were growing alone.

They also distinguished and excelled from other tribes in the field of architecture and architecture. In Egypt, monuments still exist to this day attest to the ingenuity of the Pharaohs in the construction, as they built the pyramids and built palaces and built a cemetery for each king to be buried in them and the tombs were like palaces, and built temples covered with walls With decorations, sculptures and inscriptions, they built the pyramids located in the city of Giza, where they were built to be the tombs of the kings in the form of a pyramid.

Each pyramid bears the name of the king who built it and was buried in it, and there are three pyramids of three kings: Khufu, Menkaure, and Khafra, where many engineers supervised its construction until it reached its final shape, and it is mentioned that its shape was flattened, then the engineer Himonu made King Khufu made its shape The final is hierarchical.

The age of its construction dates back approximately twenty-five centuries, and the construction of the pyramids took many years, as it was used in the construction of primitive materials with huge stones arranged regularly, arranged, and coordinated, and free from the presence of any voids, and the height of the pyramids is very high and the size is enormous, and from the inside shows an amazing architectural splendor And elaborate where there are drawers and corridors with an impressive system.

One of the largest pyramids was the pyramid of King Khufu, which was buried in it and the platform at the top of the pyramid was gold-plated but disappeared, and this pyramid contains many properties belonging to King Khufu and his family, and sculptures were carved and placed inside the pyramid, and many of the funds inside the pyramid were stolen and many It is one of the valuable properties of the kings, as it was vandalized several times, and other peoples tried hard to imitate the building of the pyramids but they were not able to do so, and the greatness of the building remains for the pharaohs to this day.

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