How were the pyramids built?

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Egypt is famous for its three pyramids built since many eras, which are characterized by its stability, the strength of its construction and its ability to withstand the difficult environmental and climatic conditions that it passed through the ages. The name of the Pharaonic king in which he was buried.

The reason for building the pyramids

The ancient Egyptians (Pharaohs) believed the resurrection after death, and the return of the soul of the dead to his corpse after his burial to enjoy his eternal life after his death, and the pharaohs built the pyramids to serve this goal, where huge pyramids were built to be the graves of the pharaohs kings in which they live their eternal lives after death, so that these pyramids contain For all the food, drink, clothes and jewelry they needed in their eternal life they had become accustomed to in their lives, the interior walls of these pyramids were decorated with drawings that delight the soul of the dead after their return.

How the pyramids were built

History scholars have offered two contradictory interpretations of how the pyramids are built:

  • The first explanation: The ancient Egyptians cut the rocks and huge stones used in the construction of the pyramids from the mountains of Upper Egypt, so that the edges of these rocks are smooth and straight, which allows them to stick to each other without the need to use cement or any other adhesive by compressing the air air that occurs between These stones, and these stones were transferred to Giza, where the pyramids were built by large ships crossing the Nile from Upper to Giza, and since these rocks are very heavy, with a weight of about 50 tons each, the ancient Egyptians tied these rocks under the ships so that they are immersed in Water, and so The weight of the rock under the weight is lacking, so it is easy for them to transport them. These rocks were raised to the top of the pyramids by making high-rise sandy mountains sloping by the pyramid and pulling the rocks with a rope after placing them on a wood board to the top of the pyramid.
  • The second explanation: The skeptical history scholars resorted to the belief that the rocks and stones used in building the pyramids were made and poured into their places within the formation of the pyramid, as they were not cut from mountains or moved from one place to another, but that the ancient Egyptians knew a way to make stones from resources Natural surrounding them by adding some simple chemicals to it, so they produce rock similar to its strength and durability to natural rock, and it has the ability to withstand the heavy weights of rocks that were built over it over time.


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