How were the pyramids of Egypt built?

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The Giza region in Egypt is one of the famous regions that millions of tourists visit annually to visit the edifices that were built by people nearly five thousand years ago. The Pharaohs built the pyramids to be a marvel of the seven wonders of the world that the mystery of their construction puzzled scientists until the present day. What are the pyramids and what form Build them? What are the assumptions made by historians and scholars about how to build and construct them?

The Civilization of the Pharaohs

The Pharaohs settled in the country of Egypt and their presence was concentrated around the banks of the Nile, and their civilization was an example of progress and sophistication, where they took interest in science and literature, as they worked in agriculture and their resources constituted their daily and basic strength. Their language was called the hieroglyphic language, and the Pharaohs were very interested in building the most important, famous and famous monuments, and they liked the construction of the three pyramids constructed by the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure.

The Pharaohs were misguided about their beliefs and the darkness of their polytheism believed in life after death and resurrection, so their focus was on the other side of life, so Pharaoh was keen to build a pyramid for him as a grave, as he was keen to be buried in a coffin after the specialists embalmed his body in order to protect from decomposition, so the pyramids are what are Except the temples of those pharaohs and the translation of their deep belief in life after death, and the entrance to these pyramids touches the interest of the pharaohs in terms of building and organization; it contains corridors and rooms that are very perfect and well-built.

Pyramids building hypotheses

Many scholars and historians have put forward hypotheses on how to build the pyramids. Some of them have developed a hypothesis that the Pharaohs knew the cranes that lift heavy stones, but this hypothesis is far from the truth, because thousands of stones from which the pyramids formed weighs tons of each A nation of powerful men strengthens it, and there is a hypothesis that the Pharaohs formed these pyramids by carving rocks or clay in place.

Building pyramids in the Holy Quran

The strongest and most likely hypothesis in the construction of the pyramids, which the Holy Qur’an spoke about a thousand and four hundred years ago, says that Pharaoh asked his minister to build a edifice for him to see the God of Moses. The Almighty said (O Pharaoh said: O, what is it that you do not know? Mud, make an edifice for me to be acquainted with the God of Moses, and for I think of him as liars), so according to this hypothesis, the rocks of the pyramids are so high that they are raised to Rocks, confirmed this hypothesis many Western scholars after analyzing the rocks of the pyramids.


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